Apple releases OS X Yosemite 10.10.1; improves Wi-Fi reliability

Apple today released OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 update which is recommended for all Yosemite users. It improves the stability and compatibility of your Mac.

This update:
– Improves Wi-Fi reliability
– Improves reliability when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server
– Improves reliability sending Mail messages when using certain email service providers
– Improves reliability when connecting to remote computers using Back to My Mac

For more detailed information about this update, please visit:

MacDailyNews Take: Schanppy! Fingers crossed for the Wi-Fi fix(es).


  1. Waiting for the Mac OS 10.10.5 update….

    This update:
    – Improves the hideous user interface
    – Improves the tragic use of Helvetica
    – Improves the gaudy blue folder icons, lame dock and Finder icons, lack of sidebar/toolbar colors.

    This update is recommended for all Yosemite users. It improves the usability and sanity when using your Mac.

      1. Yeah, go ahead and install “XtraFinder” (it’s free) on your
        Mac if you have no concerns about compromising
        the security of your Mac by purchasing an application
        not made by a major developer with an acceptable reputation outside of Apple’s App Store.

        No one gives you anything for free. Use your imagination
        and try to figure out how this developer plans to recoupe
        all the expenses that went into the resources that made this
        so called free app an reality.

    1. Roberto – can you possibly upgrade again back to Mavericks?

      As a Mac Mini user, there is very little that Yosemite offers me. The only one very useful function for me would be the ability to open more than one mail message. Otherwise I agree with your post. My iPhone 6 Plus is hardly ever used to start an email and NEVER used for Pages or Numbers docs. Don’t really need Spotlight searching the web and broadcasting my general location. I remember Dave Pogue poking fun at Vista because it was hard to tell which window is the current active window. Where is Dave now? Agree the new icon for iTunes 12 is bad. Sticks out like a sore thumb. LOVE the sheen look of the Traffic Light – looks like candy waiting to be licked. LOVE Time Machine’s special effects. LOVE the 3D dock.

      Waiting for the next CA place before possibly upgrading. Not holding out for a better UI – I personally don’t think it is going to return – but rather hopefully more useful functionality in the OS. Until then, Mavericks serves very nicely.

      1. I have not upgraded my Mac Pro with Yose yet but have worked with it on several other machines; I thought I saw a website for downgrading to 10.9. Thanks for your comments,

  2. Holy cow! My wifi connection and Safari seem twice as fast now. Even MDN loads instantly.

    This is a pretty big deal to me, since I have a 6yr old MBA 2nd gen, which has only 2GB ram, and a 1.86Ghz C2Duo CPU. The only reason why it can run Yosemite is because it has an Nvidia graphics card. Integrated ones can’t run Yosemite. I’ve been thinking about giving this MBA to my nephew, but now I’ve got 2nd thoughts.

  3. How about Mail? Since 10.10 when I click on (Open Link Behind Mail) I get nothing – no link in the browser (Safari).

    Did this get fixed, or am I all alone in this problem?

    1. HardNard…I had the same problem. Haven’t checked since updating. Hope that and several other issues (that I haven’t yet checked) are fixed. Otherwise, we just wait for 10102. In spite of these (temp?) issues, I like Yosemite. It will still need some adjustments though. You’re not waiting to see if that issue is fixed before upgrading, are you? My advice: Don’t wait.

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