Regions Bank adds support for Apple Pay

“Following a second round of banks adding support for the Apple Pay mobile payments service last week, Regions Bank today began allowing its cards to be added to the service,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The bank has reportedly emailed customers about the new support and MacRumors readers have been successfully adding their cards to Apple Pay,” Slivka reports. “Apple has also updated its list of participating issuers to include Regions.”

Slivka reports, “Regions Banks is based in Birmingham, Alabama and primarily serves the Southeast, Midwest, and Texas with over 1700 branches and 2400 ATMs.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. The wheels of progress do grind sometimes… here’s my story…

    Got the Regions news today, immediately whipped out my card and added it to Pay. The final step said that I had to call Regions to verify. Called several times, but it never would verify. Drove to my local branch, told the teller what I was trying to do, and she was like a deer in headlights. She referred me to a specialist, who was also a deer in headlights, but she got me on the phone with someone who said she got it activated. Drove to Walgreens for my first transaction. Waved and swiped and tapped my phone, but nothing. Paid cash, and called Regions again. They said it showed not activated for some reason. She said she activated it again. Went back in Walgreens, and it worked like a dream, although I did have to manually punch in the PIN for my debit card. Seems a little redundant, but okay. Welcome to the future. 😊

    1. Strange… I snapped a photo of my card, and Viola!
      No call or verification was necessary. Made a purchase with Apple Pay without incident.
      My card was already used for the Apple Store so that may have expedited matters. It works! I am happy!

        1. Hmmm… thanks for the responses. This all so new, let me just ask – for those of you using a debit card in Pay, do you have to enter a PIN at the terminal for all your transactions? With TouchID, should we have to?

          1. The fingerprint is the PIN in Apple Pay transactions. If you find you need to enter the PIN in the future, give Regions a call and ask for digital services and explain what’s going on to them.

  2. This article is true… Finally. I had applied for a Chase credit card reluctantly so I could use Apple Pay – the reason I bout the iPhone 6 Plus. I bank with Regions and really wanted to use debit instead of credit but that wasn’t possible until now. But there is a minor difference in setting up the Regions card as opposed to the Chase which went right through. With the Regions card, I had only one option to complete the verification process which was to call Regions. The number listed in the process got me to several options – none of which even mentioned Apple Pay. I got to a Regions banker and she transferred me to the Digital Services Dept. That department was able to very quickly complete the process simply by verifying the account number associated with the card was the one I wanted to use with Apple Pay. It’s wasn’t a bad process at all and now I really can stick to the debit card rather than using credit. Sigh of relief.

  3. Just tried it this morning at McD’s. Worked flawlessly and showed up immediately as pending on my regions daily transactions. I was shocked regions beat some of the bigger banks to the punch.

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