1. BUT how can this be true -IDC says Android Tablets outsell Apple Tablets by 5-1! It is MARKETSHARE…..

    ….or perhaps it is Android b.s. and marketing dollars.

    1. What about all those Surface’s being used by the NFL and CNN? Half a billion dollars just for advertising with the NFL, you’d think with all those eyeballs watching the game, the Surface would be beating everybody. I don’t get it. Unless, people really do care about quality and not price, or who’s being forced, err, I mean using what product.

  2. On an airplane, one guy told me he had 3 android tablets that his wife ordered from QVC about a year ago, unopened. It was a bit sad, but not surprising. Meanwhile, my wife has been using one iPad almost daily for a couple years now. Not sure who spent more money on tablets, but one of us clearly got way more value.

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