Apple Pay vastly superior and much better positioned than MCX’s CurrentC

“Apple Pay by Apple may have received a huge boost in public perception over the last couple days,” ColoradoWealthManagementFund writes for Seeking Alpha. “One of the largest competitors to Apple Pay is MCX, short for Merchant Customer Exchange. MCX announced on Wednesday that its e-mail system was hacked and the information of testers was compromised.”

“Management at MCX doesn’t look remotely capable of facing off against Apple. After a recent incident involving Rite-Aid (NYSE:RAD) and CVS (NYSE:CVS), Apple Pay users appear to be blaming the stores for refusing to accept Apply Pay. Those stores may break rank and accept Apple Pay soon to satisfy their customer base,” CWMF writes. “While the stores already had NFC (near field communication) devices set up for Apple Pay, they recently turned off their devices and refused to allow customers to use their preferred payment method. While that might initially seem like bad news for Apple, it appears the decision backfired.”

“Apple Pay, in my opinion, is a vastly superior product to the CurrentC app being pushed by MCX,” CWMF writes. “There are several reasons that I believe users will want Apple Pay and will blatantly refuse to use CurrentC…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Unlike CurrentC, Apple doesn’t save your transaction information. With Apple Pay, your payments are private. Apple Pay doesn’t store the details of your transactions so they can’t be tied back to you. That is what Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid et al. hate about Apple Pay and why they currently won’t allow their customers to utilize Apple Pay.

Boycott non-cash payment systems from any company that willfully turns off NFC in an effort to block the vastly more secure, much more private, and far easier-to-use Apple Pay service.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mpias3785” for the heads up.]

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    1. MCX had FOREVER to get this product out and established, as Apple certainly hasn’t been breaking the speed limit in getting ApplePay out the door. If MCX couldn’t get first mover advantage in this, given the margin they were allowed, they deserve to die.

      1. Reminds me of iTunes’ introduction. Apple was late to the game. But that’s not to slam Apple as they were not a music company. It just made the labels, particularly Sony, look so much worse because those guys should have had an iTunes equivalent 3-5 years before that.

  1. I think MDN should modify its take to say “unlike CurrentC or Google Wallet…” Google’s solution has been largely ignored by the press, but it’s important to mention the huge advantage of Apple Pay. Privacy is the prize. Only one solution incorporates that into its model.

  2. MCX says there are no fines whatsoever for an MCX participant to receive payment via alternative contactless methods.

    When asked why did RiteAid and CVS turn off their NFC terminals, MCX management responds: “… merchants know their customers best and are making the choices they believe are right for their customers.”

    Yeah. I’m loving this period in the history of my country where other people’s notions of what is best for me are forced upon me.

    1. If it ain’t the govt making us buy healthcare insurance we don’t need, it’s some company trying to make us buy their crap we don’t need using crappy payment methods from yesterday. When the voters and consumers get tired and starting speaking, it might change. Hopefully before it’s too late.

      1. M.
        No one is forcing you to buy anything, including food.

        The govt does have a fine if you do not have some sort of health care. But then some just like to freeload off of others.

        While not perfect, the current system says you need health care. It provides support if you are low income. It’s a start.

        Just saying.

    2. I have been spending as much at Walgreens as possible lately, getting everything I would normally buy from Walmart, and even some of my minor groceries. In fact, I haven’t spent a dollar without Apple Pay in several days. All I know is I am buying stock in Walgreens, can’t wait to see their EPS.

  3. I finally got to use apple pay yesterday.

    Was pretty busy and I wanted to go inside to order and not mess with drive through.
    I order and have my iPhone out, total comes up and I place my iPhone on the contact area. The teller leaned over the register to watch.
    Everything goes flawless.

    Teller: that is so cool.
    Lady in line next to me: did you just pay with your phone???

    I didn’t even get a chance to explain, beyond saying yes. The teller jumped in and started explaining it a little.
    Lady just looked on and mentioned how much technology has grown in her lifetime.

    CurrentC has no prayer. It’s already proven to be insecure, and it’s not even out yet..
    MCX tries to push the blame to the retailer for turning off NFC…

    And yeah.. Access to my bank account, SS#, health records etc.
    yep DOA.

    1. yes, my mcrib yesterday tasted so much better when paid with pay.

      predict cvs & riteaid will turn nfc back on before the the christmas season. business executives can be such buttheads. trying to meet their performance bonus threshholds, they can tank the whole company. someone needs to be fired.

      1. (Had the Chicken BLT)

        I have not had a McRib in probably 15+ years.. I don’t know if it’s the sauce or just the fact it is supposed to be “pork” but I have never liked it.

        Can’t stand McD’s fries.. the burgers are meh at best.
        The wraps, now those aren’t bad. Same with the chicken BLT they make.
        The McGriddles… dangerously good.

        Thats about all i’ll eat there.

        “predict cvs & riteaid will turn nfc back on before the the christmas season. ”

        I won’t bet against you on that..
        Wasn’t thinking of the Christmas season, that will kill CurrentC alone.
        Using  Pay for Christmas shopping.. I hate shopping anyway, and If I can pay super quick and get out of there faster… I am sold.

  4. “While that might initially seem like bad news for Apple, it appears the decision backfired.”

    As I paraphrased in a post on another story, “It’s as if the Three Stooges had been given the assignment of PR for CurrentC.”

    1. If a store has NFC reader and it won’t work with my phone, I’ve already made a personal commitment to explain calmly why I can no longer do business with them and apologize for their having to put my u purchased merchandise back on the shelf for someone with money that is “appropriate for management.”

    2. Please take the time to explain calmly first so that the store mgrs have the chance to at least run the reason up the chain. Otherwise, they don’t know WHY you changed your mind as some of the minimum wage cashiers (who should be earning $15/hour by the way) don’t have a clue what Apple Pay is or that it’s blocked at their store. Just tell them your disappointed that they don’t accept Apple Pay and you’ll have to go somewhere that does.

  5. I used Apple Pay today for the first and second times. First was at WalGreens and the experience was fast and highly efficient. Unbelievably so. As expected, McDonalds didn’t offer quite the same experience. I went thru drive-thru and told the cashier I wanted to use Apple Pay. She was clueless. I told her I needed the touch-free scanner. She asked me to hold while she talked to her manager. She returned and said they don’t take Apple Pay. I told her to cancel the order, I’d find pmt and come inside. I went in and noted the NFC card readers. I ordered the same and told the girl I was using Apple Pay. She was clueless. When she gave me the total and extended her hand for the money, I raised my phone, touched the Touch ID and heard the beep and told her it was paid and she should let her manager know that they do take Apple ID now. I explained the situation, the manager (I didn’t know who he was) was standing there. He promptly apologized and the girl dropped a free apple pie in my bag. It was a nice gesture even though I’m diabetic and can’t eat it. I really wish companies would COMMUNICATE with their employees. I didn’t EXPECT it at McDonald’s – do I need to explain a horrible McDonald’s customer experience is the expectation? Crew meetings to at least familiarize them with the term Apple Pay MIGHT be a little helpful though. I’d say more but im going back to WalGreens right now for aspirin and to McDonald’s for a salad and to train the next shift how to handle Apple Pay customers in the drive-thru. It’s my mission now.

  6. My argument in favor of Apple Pay’s inevitable success is based on simple economics: There is vastly more spending power in the hands of those that want to use Apple Pay.

    The only question is how long it will take a bottom feeder like CurrentC to become the Dell of mobile payment providers. I’m guessing less than 12 months.

  7. I’m more convinced than ever that CurrentC is DOA. Three things:

    (a) I simply don’t believe that they understand security. Why would anyone give them your checking account, bank routing number and social security number. Talk about a bad idea.

    (b) While direct charging ones checking account is fine for small and day-to-day purchases – I use a debit card anyway – no one uses a debit card (or check) to pay for large purchases anymore. Who keeps enough money to buy a TV in a checking account?

    (c) The fact that the onus for any issues rests with the customer who has to resolve the problem with the vendor. Boy, is that a non-starter.

    I understand retailers want us to participate in their loyalty programs. I have a loyalty account at CVS although I do find those long receipts really irritating.

    But as someone mentioned elsewhere, Apple has a low-cost solution for that problem coming in the Spring that works with our phones and is far superior to anything out now. It may actually be pretty difficult to turn off once turned on. I guess that’s what retailers want although I think that’s also pretty irritating.

  8. If everyone with Apple pay on their phone would walk into Walmart or Publix…fill their cart with a lot of small items and freezer foods. Take cart to the register request to pay with Apple pay and when told they don’t accept it…..just say too bad and leave the cart at the register. It won’t take long to see that the consumer does have power to disrupt ass hole management decisions. With xmas coming now is time to strike!!

  9. Tried for first time yesterday. In one word “awesome”.
    Was at the Apple Store, go figure. My phone greeted me as I entered. Shopped around, found what I was looking for. Scanned it with my phone. Promoted to use apple pay. Scanned my finger done. I know that’s a different experience then it would be at other retailers but, still cool.
    I hope it gets adopted at more retailers. Mcx to me is an absolute waste. It’s function contradicts all the reason and purpose behind Apple pay.

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