Former Android VP: Apple’s iPhone 6 is ‘the most beautiful smartphone ever built’

“Hugo Barra was once the public face of Google’s Android division, but today he sounds more impressed by Apple,” Casey Newton reports for The Verge.

“Speaking at WSJD Live today, Barra — who is now vice president for international for Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi — was effusive in his praise for Apple’s latest devices,” Newton reports. “The iPhone 6, he said, is ‘the most beautiful smartphone ever built.'”

“Barra’s comments came in response to a question about the persistent criticism that 4-year-old Xiaomi’s rise has been fueled by blatant copying of designs from Apple and others, an issue that Jony Ive raised again at an event earlier this month,” Newton reports. “Using careful language, Barra suggested that Xiaomi phones and software sometimes resemble existing products because the company is young and its designers lack confidence. ‘It’s a fight, but I think we’re learning and we’re progressing,’ he said. ‘when you look at the stuff that’s coming next from us, you’re going to see some unique new twists.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Just as with personal computers, where the only successful PCs are Mac knockoffs, the only successful smartphones and tablets are iPhone and iPad knockoffs.

Apple leads, the rest follow at a great distance. So it shall be with Apple Watch.

As we wrote in August:

Xiaomi makes Samsung look like original thinkers. Plus, they’re led by an even more despicable slime bucket than Samsung:

“[Steve] Jobs will die someday, so there are still opportunities for us. The meaning of our existence is just waiting for him to kick the bucket.” – Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, August 30, 2011

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. It is unclear to me how your statement could be valid, as clearly my iPhone 6 Plus is most amazingly beautiful, glorious to behold and certainly is the ultimate fuck you phone as was put forth recently.
      I may defer, but I remain in awe of how perfect this device is for the here and now and stand firm on this assertion: the new marketing slogan shall remain: iPhone 6 Plus, the ultimate fuck you phone!

      1. Its not beautiful if you drop it at all. saw the drop test on youtube and one drop boom dented corner and broken glass. I thought they were supposed to have gorilla glass in these but i guess not if 1 drop breaks the glass.
        I will get one but not till i get a case for it first

    1. There wasn’t any candor in his statements. If he was candid, he would have said, “Damn right we copy Apple! We can’t create this stuff ourselves, you know, so the only way to have a company is to copy Apple!”

  1. A thief takes things that don’t belong to him without paying for them, then denies he did anything wrong. It doesn’t matter if the thief steals a car or the intellectual property of others. He’s still a thief… and in this case, a slime bucket.

  2. It is so sad to see the world’s legal systems fail in providing legal protection to Apple against Google’s Android software technology theft and Samsung industrial design pilferage …and now Xiaomi. This sort of outright theft of IP would be perceived as unacceptable if US and European legal systems had enforced protection of Apple’s intellectual property embodied in its cutting-edge design and technology w.r.t. Samsung and Google. And then we might reasonably expect to apply these developed world values to developing markets, like China.

    Please, please, please — legal scholars, government administrators, judges, lawyers, politicians — please do something to right this egregious wrong of outright thievery of Intellectual Property. For heaven’s sake, the legal system provides better protection to an original song, piece of writing, or image. Can’t we afford to give the same level of protection to Apple as the author of their “art”? You are selling the country short by allowing this immoral and presumably illegal behavior to continue.

    1. You need to remember that a legal system only has influence within the areas in which it is established. So the US patent and legal system, flawed as it may be, has no reach whatsoever in China. Plus, you have China, which basically has two enforcement system: one for Chinese companies, and one for foreign companies. The foreign company enforcement system uses the Chinese symbol for “farce”, I believe. \s

      1. Agree. My point is simply that as countries develop economically, they tend to shed third-world behaviors and adopt first-world behaviors. This is fairly well established. Liberal economics is consistent with protection of property rights and the rule of law. This is why the failure of first-world legal systems in recognizing and protecting Apple’s IP is so distressing to me. It is hard to fault under-developed countries for IP theft when the US and Europe fail to adequately protect against IP infringement, at least w.r.t. design, product “look & feel”, and technology (much of which is, technically, unseen. It is hard to lecture China on industrial design IP theft when the civilized, developed, advanced Western world barely recognizes industrial design as IP.

    2. I think this is why Apple is so passionate about China. Not because of the huge user base, but because they can attack the “copying” problem head-on by providing the official device directly to consumers. It’s a smart strategy.

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