Apple Watch is all about behavior design, which apps will get it right?

“‘Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created,’ said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Flint Center last month. He went on to bullet the much-anticipated wearable as ‘an extremely precise and customizable timepiece… an intimate way to connect and communicate… [and] a comprehensive health and fitness companion,'” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “What he didn’t say was that it is also the preeminent platform for behavior design.”

“I was struck watching Cook present the Apple Watch how he was selling it on the basis of behavior change. Yes, the Jony Ive video emphasized it as a design tour de force. But the heart of the persuasion was about health and emotional connection. Whether this approach works has everything to do with the extent to which app makers (Apple’s and other’s) take advantage of the unique capabilities of this new platform,” Kosner writes. “First and foremost, can they make it easier for people to do the things they want to do?”

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  1. Once Apple Watch is released en mass the real “Pay Wars” will begin. WallDog can go FCK Themselves along with their bottom feeder cheap ass customers who want something for nothing. WallDog, along with AmaZONE are the retail cancers in the USA. What part of “Junk Peddlers” don’t you people understand? More importantly I DO NOT WANT MY PERSONAL INFORMATION SHARED WITH ANY RETAIL OUTLET WITH MY PURCHASE. Apple Pay has the customers best interest in mind, NOT THE RETAILERS. Wha WHA!

  2. I am all for completely boycotting any retailer that refuses to use Apple Pay for the simple reason that my personal information is being used without my direct acknowledgement or approval. Sure their fine print says they’ll do it, but I don’t remember signing a legal contract just to shop there. My privacy rights are important, and if a company refuses to give me the options to protect them then I refuse to do business with them. There is an underlying argument here. It’s not a war against Apple, it’s a war against privacy.

    1. Not to mention I hate Walmart. Every time I walk out of that place all I can think about is how terrible the experience was. I’ve been looking for a reason to stop going there altogether and this might be the best reason yet.

  3. Can never understand people who feel the need to make up a new word to indicate the object of their screed. WallDog? Really? And AmaZONE is even more pointless.

    1. It actually took me a few seconds to comprehend what a Walldog is supposed to be. Doesn’t Walmart have just a single “L” in its name? I think that is what threw me off.

  4. Saw my first chip and pin credit card from a US bank last week. So times are a changin’.
    There are obviously going to be multiple options for NFC pay. Some will adopt Apple’s method others won’t. For now.
    What pleases me is that Apple’s method worked in CVS NFC setup so it suggests that functionality is already in place.
    The grab for data is becoming increasingly irksome. Google no longer gets my information on either iPhone, iPad or Mac. I would prefer to pay via Apple Pay but that will need to wait for the Apple Watch since I won’t be getting a new phone for another 2 years.
    Apple’s biggest challenge will be that Apple Pay is only on new phones (about 20-30MM in the wild worldwide (maybe 15MM in the US). So the preponderance of users needing the system is low at this point. Once the number of highly valued users have iP6s then demand for its availability with undeniable.

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