Apple’s ex-retail chief Ron Johnson leads startup ‘Enjoy’ online shopping curation service

“Ron Johnson , who helped build Apple Inc.’s successful retail stores before a troubled stint as chief executive of J.C. Penney Co., is getting back in the game with a well-funded startup that aims to bring some of the Apple Store mystique to online shopping,” Daisuke Wakabayashi reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The new company is called Enjoy, and Mr. Johnson says its goal is to change the way people buy and use the “things that matter” in a world in which consumers start their shopping online. The service is scheduled to start in 2015,” Wakabayashi reports. “In a move reminiscent of his old boss at Apple, Steve Jobs , Mr. Johnson is keeping most of Enjoy’s plans and strategy secret to avoid tipping off rivals.”

“But he said Enjoy aims to help shoppers develop a connection with new products, in the way that Apple Stores let shoppers try its products,” Wakabayashi reports. “Mr. Johnson said in an interview, ‘There’s a place for high touch in a high-tech world… There’s more to life than logistics. There’s more to life than a review. Just because we’re moving online, it doesn’t mean that need for a connection is going away. No one has really thought that through yet.'”

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    1. Agreed. It is actually pretty sad that he gave up, IMHO, the world’s premium retailing position and try to impose the Apple system on JC Penny, a very different type of retailer. It was a very dismal and very public failure. Very sad indeed.

      1. i hope he is succesful in whatever he does, but I believe people expect to much from him when in reality it was Apple and Steve that made him succesful not the other way around.

    2. I’ve met the man, and he is one of the finest executives in the world. When Steve decided to get into retail, he set out to find the best possible person to run the division, and he found him.


  1. After working with Ron at Apple for years, I’ll tell you that he’s much more of the story at Apple Retail than you think. For example, the Genius Bar, his idea. Ron partnered with Steve on many initiatives, but I personally saw him challenge and push back when needed. It will be interesting to see Enjoy come to light.

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