Apple offers prematurely downgraded iCloud users 6 months free

“To accommodate new iCloud features brought by iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple introduced new iCloud storage plans in September,” Jim Tanous reports for TekRevue. “Users with an existing paid plan had the choice of upgrading to one of the new tiers, or keeping a grandfathered 25GB plan. The company required that users update their billing information in order to keep the new or grandfathered plans, but gave customers only a few days to identify and correct their information. This led to many iCloud users losing their paid plans when Apple switched to the new tiers in mid-September.”

“iCloud customers who didn’t comply in time were downgraded to the free 5GB plan, which affected important tasks like iOS backups, data syncing, and photo sharing,” Tanous reports. “Apple has now responded to customer concern over the change, and admitted that the company did not provide enough time for users to update their information. Affected customers have begun receiving emails from the iCloud Support Team, informing them that Apple will extend their previous plan without charge for six months.”

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  1. This happened to me, but I had paid for the upgrade as soon as I was told my account was downgraded. The email that I received from Apple weeks later (yesterday) indicates that I won’t be charged for that 6 months, but I think I already set up monthly billing. I’ll have to watch to see if my payments still go through.

  2. That’s another thing about Apple that makes them great – they don’t nickel and dime you to death. Upgrades, many of them heavy duty, are usually free, including the OSs. When there’s a mistake or oversight, they often correct it and offer extra kinds of compensation for their mistake. Oh yes, they also occasionally offer the latest full-length album by top music stars for free to their customers, as well as numerous other free streaming goodies.

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