Apple seen riding higher on strong iPhone demand, iPad rebound

“Strong global demand for Apple Inc’s iPhone 6 will drive revenue growth through 2015, while updated models should help reverse three straight quarters of declining iPad sales, analysts said,” Eileen Soreng reports for Reuters. “Apple shares were set to open 2.4 percent higher on Tuesday.”

“The company posted better-than-expected revenue on Monday on the back of a record iPhone launch that saw 39 million of the smartphones sold in the September quarter,” Soreng reports. “‘We expect this momentum to continue in the December quarter and into 2015, particularly as supply improves steadily in coming months,’ Goldman Sachs analysts wrote in a note to clients.”

“‘(We) were encouraged by Tim Cook’s comments regarding Apple basically selling every iPhone 6/6 Plus it can produce and will likely remain undersupplied relative to demand through the end of 2014,’ Canaccord Genuity analysts said in a note to clients,” Soreng reports. “‘Still, we believe Apple will reverse the trend on the iPad with its recent product refresh and also believe that the Mac product line will continue to gain market share against its PC rivals,’ analysts at William Blair said.”

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  1. I think Apple is going to have to open up iOS enough that media files can be manipulated without using iTunes or a third party hack before the iPad can be taken seriously as a standalone device. Its current dependence on a computer for backing up, syncing and the manipulation of files for third-party apps is holding it back.

    1. You do know that iTunes on a Mac or PC hasn’t been necessary for years now? You can activate an iPhone through a cellular connection, back it up to iCloud, and perform most of the functions that can be done via iTunes without even owning another computer. It might be true that some people’s ignorance of that fact is holding Apple back, but “dependence on a computer” certainly is not.

      1. Actually it is. if you purchase an audiobook it will download to the device, not the computer. It needs to be connected to the computer to transfer the purchase to the library. Many apps need to be connected to the computer to load data such as VLC. If you have a video library not purchased through iTunes, then the files must be loaded into iTunes before streaming or copying to the device. Many people buy the device with the least amount of memory, fill it and then can’t upgrade without deleting many GB of space to do an iOS upgrade, while a tethered upgrade is faster, uses less space and is more reliable. Upgrading to iOS 7 OTA last year put my device in DFU mode. Even backing up to the cloud is dangerous. My last backup was corrupted and I had to rely on a local backup for a proper restore.

        Without at least part of the storage space being accessible to users for file manipulation, the iPad will always need to be tethered to a computer at some point. Eventually iOS devices will become independent computes, but that day is far from here.

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