Analysts react to Apple’s iPad Air 2 and 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display

“Five weeks after Apple unveiled its bigger iPhone models — the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – the tech giant unveiled its latest tablet version and upgrades to its iMac desktop computer on Thursday,” Laurie Kulikowski reports for TheStreet.

Here’s what analysts said about Apple:

Andrew Uerkwitz, Oppenheimer (Outperform: $115 PT): Apple introduced new models for its tablet and desktop PC products. We are most impressed with the iPad Air 2, which received significant upgrades across all key aspects (CPU, wireless, camera, size, sensor, and fingerprint). We see iPad Air 2 as the big winner and believe it has the potential to invigorate tablet sales over time. The other notable takeaway is the surprising 5K display on the new 27-inch Mac. We are interested to see its impact on 4K TV, and consumer perception of high performance, higher resolution displays. Bottom line: the technology gap between this year’s product launches (phone/tablet/PC) and last year’s is more significant than we anticipated, ultimately providing a deep bench for future launches. Maintain Outperform and $115 PT.

Brian White, Cantor Fitzgerald (Buy; $123 PT): In our view, the iPad makes an excellent gift and yesterday’s refresh with the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 that includes the addition of a third color (i.e., gold) and Touch ID, bodes well for demand this holiday season. We also expect these new gold iPads to be met with strong demand during the Chinese New Year in early 2015. Although Apple may not have surprised the market with the products that were announced yesterday, we believe the thinness of the iPad Air 2 was a major surprise given that Apple had already reduced the thickness of the original iPad Air by 20% compared to the prior iPad iteration. During the hands-on session, we took the iPad Air 2 for a test drive, and we found the device to be “insanely” thin.

More analysts’ reactions to Apple’s announcements in the full article here.


  1. That right there shows the lack of tech knowledge with “analysts”.
    First thing that should have been pointed out on the new iMac is for a price that is cheaper than a 4K display, you get a 5K display and a computer.

    I have no idea how Apple is doing that but 4K display manufacturers have got to be ripping their hair out right now.

    1. Custom tech Think. The bandwidth requirements for 5K are in the neighborhood of 28 Gbits/s, more than Thunderbolt 2 can handle at roughly 20 Gbits/s. They reportedly have two display port 1.2 interfaces in the iMac to handle the bandwidth required to throw that much data to the screen. You’re talking approx. 3.6GB sent to the screen every second.

        1. I saw that comment in Apple’s presentation yesterday, and it sounded great. But a 27-inch 4K screen is not $3000.

          At B&H, a 40-inch 4K smart TV by LG is $899.00 with free shipping.

          A 28-inch 4K monitor by Dell is $428.97, also with free shipping.

          Clearly a 5K screen by Apple is superior – and hopefully Apple is one generation ahead of the competition in high-end screen design.

          1. The big difference is panel type. The iMac uses IPS, the Dell and most likely the LG uses TN panels. (LG specs did not list)

            IPS is much better with colors and a wider viewing angle. So quality of image suffers on the cheap stuff.

      1. Then that would inhibit using this iMac as a 5K display connected to a Mac Pro 2013, unless a special driver to bundle 2 Thunderbolt ports together for a 40 Gbits/s path?

        1. The only possible explanation that the 5K display wasn’t released alongside the 2013 Mac Pro is that Apple found out the hard way that Thunderbolt doesn’t have the bandwidth to drive it at an acceptable refresh rate.

          We can only hope that Apple will soon offer some kind of 5K display with internal GPU so that professional users can have the latest and greatest graphics without having to downgrade from their current Mac Pro Xeon CPUs.

          Still, it’s very odd that Apple seems to want to completely skip 4K resolution displays. Why couldn’t Apple have given the pros a couple of 4K resolution Thunderbolt displays 3 years ago when they were asking for it?

  2. If it weren’t for MDN I would never read any of these sites that – when you go to them – display these nauseating popups that force you to register or some such sucking-leech nonsense. Sure they must make a living to put food in their babies’ mouths, I’m all for that, but there are perfectly good jobs available, shopkeepers and waiters for instance that would do the same without the double insult of demanding your info and selling it, later to annoy you with solicitors.

    1. MDN is no angel either. I was trying to read an MDN article the other day on my iPhone and it kept timing out and sending me out of MDN to a game app offer within 20-30 seconds each time I tried. How is this ever acceptable behavior for a web site? I hope iOS 8 offers answers to first world problems like this available on the desktop.

      1. I’ve noticed that with other pages to since iOS 8 update. Not just MDN. I use the MDN App most of the time on my iOS devices though. Something else is going on with mobile Safari that I can’t seem to figure out how to turn off the auto direct to the App Store.

          1. I decided to play with Safari settings. Looks like turning off or block all Cookies stops it. Safari iOS stops redirecting to App Store. Unfortunately blocking cookies takes some conveniences away, but to me it’s worth it now. Stopping that annoying App Store Redirect is worth it. It’s soooooo annoying! 😛

    1. iPad Air 2…
      • will give you brain cancer / RSI.
      • is just a toy; Real Men (and the Enterprise) use Surface Pro.
      • iOS is for kids; Windoze Mobile…aaah! Smell the testosterone!
      • is UNPATRIOTIC—the NSA/ GCHQ/CIA can’t voilate your 4th Amendment rights.

  3. I’m excited about the new iMac. The rest of what Tim and company presented is good but not “magical” – overused term by (1) Tim who looks and seems totally uninspired or inspiring (at least tuck in that shirt – hell fire, man you are the CEO of the world’s largest corporation) and (2) Phil who seemed very much in sorry mood or something – low key and sort of saying by his body language – why are we making such a big deal out of fully expected updates to the pads?

    No lines forming anywhere – investors and customers alike taking it all in stride. Apple really needs to quit overhyping ordinary updates or people are not going to be paying attention when they finally do announce something “magical.”

    1. Steve Jobs did some keynotes which were more incremental than revolutionary. In this case, there was a lot of incremental improvements from OS to hardware.

      For any other company, announcing a great Retina 5k computer including GPUs and custom screen chips that can drive it properly for the cost of a Retina 5k screen would be amazing.

      The OS improvements are bigger than anything Microsoft is delivering.

      The price drops in entry iPads and MacMinis will be a big deal to a lot of people.

      The iPads even smaller size with much higher specs would be a huge announcement from any other company.

      Apple just spoils us so much that all this news feels somewhat expected, but these are fast advancements to be making just 12 months after the last versions.

      1. Continued incremental technological change is like compound interest: the impact begins to add up, even if most people don’t seem to notice. However, I believe the software and chip improvements such as Apple recently introduced are unfairly dismissed as incremental changes. It is just that Apple makes it look easy.

        Jay, the new iMac is just the old iMac with a pretty screen, don’t u know? No idea why you are excited by it. /s

        As for Apple’s other announcements, I don’t know why you overhype everything you feel does not meet your high personal standards in life.

        It is not the critic who counts — right?

  4. by default every single film, ad agency and tv production gets several of the the iMac 5K just for the display.

    if you work in this industry you know that you don’t tie up the $12K editing rig to screen 4K video, but you had to endure stupid suits in the video suite delaying your render so you’ll be there til 8pm missing dinner… now you screen it on the $2500 iMac and don’t tie up the rig.

  5. I’ve been looking around the boards and have noticed that there have been absolutely no comments about the MacPro not being included in the seemingly inclusive collection of Apple products in the slide shown at the Oct 16th event.

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