Steve Jobs turned the company around; Tim Cook’s going to turn the world around

“I’ve been watching Apple a really long time and I’ve lost track of the number of industry folks who’ve said Apple should ship a Mac for under $500. Some said they thought doing so would detract from the appeal of its higher end products,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “The demarcation is much clearer now — at the higher end you have Macs with 5K displays, amazing processors, lightweight and portable… Mac mini doesn’t compete, instead it’s a nice robust and affordable box that runs OS X Yosemite. Millions will buy these and I’d be very, very surprised if we don’t see Apple take a permanent place in the top 5 PC makers as a result.”

“Have you noticed what Apple is doing as it introduces new products? It is keeping some older models available and dropping entry-level and the high-end prices. This means Apple is widening its addressable market year-by-year, while never tarnishing the value of its brand,” Evans writes. “Think about the iPad range, which now starts at $249. What you get at that price isn’t just some wannabe second-rate product that tries to emulate what’s at the top of the market for a cut price; what you get is a product that was the high end just 18-24 months ago and still offers more than most of what’s available from anyone else, except Apple.”

“Don’t be blind to the potential significance of Apple telling us it can ship a 5K display (with a free computer attached) today at less than the price of a 4K monitor,” Evans writes. “It seems inevitable Apple’s one-time ‘hobby’ Apple TV will morph either into (a) a full fledged solution the world wants, or (b) a small accessory device the world wants. Apple’s ecosystem will take its rightful place across your connected lives.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah, I like this perspective. Indeed, a 5k display with a free, invisible computer attached. The broadening of the market pyramid and the complete ecosystem is a huge evolution for Apple. I was also struck by the total number of iPads sold versus all the cheap PCs out there. Apple did ship a sub-500 Mac……to a lot of people.

    1. What would be the point? It’s not like there will be a new 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch iPod touch because Apple doesn’t have the resources to spare in building them when they’re struggling to make iPhones.

      Apple completely ignored the iPod for a reason. Did you see that graphic of their product lineup they repeatedly displayed? Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac. Showed it over and over. They’ve sent the world the message that the iPod is dead.

        1. The Apple TV is still a “hobby,” remember? It’s not an official leg on the stool, as in a heavy revenue and profit generator that could be spun off as a separate and successful company (at least that’s how I think of it). It did get a shout out during the presentation, however. The iMac in the graphic was obviously representative of the entire Mac lineup.

          Dude the iPod as a standalone media player is dead. You can’t seriously entertain the thought of another media event centered around iPods.

          1. No I agree that the iPod wont get its own event. But I disagree it is dead. There are many android and window fans who dislike the iPhones/iPads yet still use iPods. I believe if Apple added TouchID and NFC to the next gen iPod touch, they would create a huge revenue. For those who want an Apple Watch but not an iPhone, the iPod would be the logical choose to use as a replacement that can store all credit card info.

            1. Yes seems to be a logical player in that market. Perhaps it will get that sort od update post Christmas when capacity can cope and Apple Pay is more established and people can see the logic of a non phone device to do that job. Would be much more sellable in that scenario especially at an event (nots its own event) than it would be today when people still haven’t got the idea fully not their brains so wouldn’t be so tempted to but an iPod with that capability as a big sell.

    2. Their own event? No, but I disagree the iPod is dead. As mentioned there are still people who love the iPod and it is still the 1st Apple product for plenty of kids. Not every 8 year old walks around with an iPhone. I don’t see an iPod with NFC for Apple Pay though; what’s the point? I can’t imagine there are that many people using a non Apple phone who want to carry around another device just for Apple Pay. You might just as well use the actual card if you have to carry around an extra device.

  2. Eddy Cue: “Best Product Pipeline in 25 Years Coming Later This Year From Apple”
    POTUS: “If you want to keep your doctor, you can keep your doctor”
    Hard not to see the similarities in those statements…. hmmm….

  3. Finally someone who makes sense. The Apple ecosystem is at it’s best, by a long shot. Anyone in it is not going anywhere, and expect marketshare to grow…big time…over the next few years. What can their competitors do? Drop their prices even more?!? Google glass? Good luck!!!

  4. I speak from personal experience when I say this… The original iPad mini runs like crap on iOS 8. It is very irresponsible for Apple to keep it available for sale if it can’t run iOS 8 properly. While I like iOS 8 a lot, I have hated it on my iPad mini that I have had for just less then two years. It pisses me off that Apple has relegated my iPad mini to only occaisional use. Before this, I used it a lot every day.

    1. I am a spoiled first world brat and I want everything for free and twice as good as the rest of you get. I rant and rave at the slightest little thing including being stuck here in my mother’s basement without a meaningful job. You would think that after just celebrating my 34th birthday, my dead beat father would buy me a Porsche.

  5. Bullshit. Again, incremental increase with limited low-end product (no base 32gig iPad drives average user to mid range model with better profit margin – bait and switch). Drop prices to meet 20% margins and apple could change the world by helping people kick the Windbloz habit.

    Volume volume volume!

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