iPhone 6/Plus pre-orders in China top 20 million

“Pre-orders for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China are estimated to have reached 20 million during the pre-order period from October 10-13, according to a report from China-based QQ,” Amy Fan and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“The report stated that pre-orders on website Jingdong Mall reached nearly 10 million over the period, which coupled with orders direct to major telecom providers and Apple pushed total orders to 20 million,” Fan and Wolfgram report.

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MacDailyNews Take: ThermonuclearBoom!

Merry Thermonuclear Christmas, Samsung!

And have a very happy Chinese New Year, too!

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      1. Yes, upon shipping. How long is it going to take Apple to produce and ship those 20 million units? Keep in mind we’re talking about ONE COUNTRY. One out of the 115 countries Apple plans to be shipping the iPhone to by year’s end.

        I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that these pre-order numbers are blowing my mind and it’s going to be a huge huge HUGE deal for Apple. And I bet the demand in China isn’t going to let up. I can’t even begin to guess when they’ll be able to match demand.

  1. I wonder if somewhere in the executive offices of Samsung or Google someone is wondering: “Maybe we should have partnered with Apple rather than doing that Android thing.”

    Too late suckers!!!!

      1. Well, I don’t know what Google would have to offer but Samsung was in a nice position as a supplier of everything from displays to RAM and manufactured Apple’s SoC among other custom chips. Now they’re losing all that business now that Apple is shifting to other manufacturers.

      2. Sony had the opportunity. Steve jobs was so enamored with the design of the Sony VAIO that he offered to let them put OS X on it. They turned him down. Imagine what might have grown from that. The possibility of Sony phones and tablets running iOS. Right now Sony is losing money hand over fist selling android phones and rumor has it they will be exiting the Smartphone market.

  2. Tim Cook said that Apple will buy back shares when opportunity is right.
    I reckon they want to avoid suspicions of insider trading and are waiting for Thursday’s announcements to pass and for quarterly reports.
    Then I think they will start buying and we will start to see AAPL rising – just my theory.

    1. There really is no such thing as “insider trading” when a major corporation buys back its own stock for two reasons: 1) the corporation is assumed to know everything that’s going on — how can it not? and 2) it has to file intent on the buybacks with the SEC well in advance including how much it might buyback and the period during which it will buy it back. (This is why Wall Street pushes Apple to do buybacks. Just the announcement that it is going to do so pushes up the stock price well in advance of the actual buyback.)

      Now Tim or other Apple execs personally buying or selling stock is a completely different story.

  3. At this rate even if Apple ships 3 million a week (significantly more than they ever have shipped) it won’t catch up with a order/request backlog until the first of the year. Hopefully Apple will be able to keep the backlog down to a week or so worldwide for the 6 and cut down on the backlog on the 6+ to a week or so.. (Currently they’re at 7-10 days for the 6 and 21-28 days for the 6+.)

  4. Careful. We will all regret the day one company has too much control. And yes I am a huge Apple fan and own several of their products. Just think before you get all happy.

    1. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Apple is a long way from being any kind of monopoly. Samsung’s demise is being celebrated in this article. Apple is only destroying Samsung’s smartphone sales from the top. There are lots of other companies eating Samsung from the bottom. Those companies will be around for a long time feeding on the low end and developing world smartphone markets.

      1. Samsung’s most pressing problem is not so much that sales are being eroded from both the top and the bottom, but that profits are reducing very rapidly indeed, both from the mobile device division and also the semiconductor division too.

        In an increasing market, Apple can lose market share, but still increase it’s profits because sales numbers are rising. When Samsung loses market share, it’s profits reduce even more as there are massive promotion and advertising costs that still need to be covered by that smaller profit.

  5. Samsung should’ve known better. Selling android phones is like selling PCs. If you don’t own the operating system then you’re just a dealer in a commodity market. The history of the PC market shows that market leaders don’t stay market leaders for very long. They should’ve been satisfied with being Apple’s biggest supplier instead of being greedy and stealing Apple’s IP.

    Now that Chinese Android phones are taking over the android market at least Samsung would still have had been Apple’s biggest supplier. Not the same as having your own line of flagship phones but more sustainable.

  6. Yeah, consider the source. DigiTimes has a rather lengthy history of conflating rumor with fact, and just getting things wrong.

    As with any unexpectedly ginormous numbers getting tossed around, this just spanks of pump and dump analist shills chumming the waters. Throw the 20 mil figure out there, and if Apple’s actual China sales come out below that threshold, then the same sources will go back to cutting-and-pasting their “Apple is doomed” nonsense.

    1. Agreed! What a disaster! They are sitting on so much money now they probably really don’t know what to do with it. Maybe they should just buy Ireland instead of moving their headquarters.

      1. They definitely have the money to buy an island or something (“Appleistan”), build all the manufacturing and cloud capacity they’ll ever need, get all the manpower they’ll ever need and apply to join the UN. On second thoughts, forget the UN idea . . .

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