Apple will pay for female employees to freeze their eggs

“Apple Inc and Facebook Inc will help pay for female employees to freeze their eggs, signaling a willingness to spend enormous sums on perks and benefits in a race to acquire top-flight talent,” Christina Farr reports for Reuters.

“From January, Apple will pay both full- and part-time employees up to $20,000 for procedure and storage costs for female employees to freeze their eggs,” Farr reports. “‘We continue to expand our benefits for women, with a new extended maternity leave policy, along with cryopreservation and egg storage as part of our extensive support for infertility treatments,’ Apple said in a statement. ‘We want to empower women at Apple to do the best work of their lives as they care for loved ones and raise their families.'”

Farr reports, “Apple recently introduced new benefits including extended parental leave.”

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      1. Vancouver is rarely below 32 degrees F (0 C) and the central US is most often colder that the East or West Coast of Canada. Check the isotherms on a map next time you care to get educated.

      2. Nope. My brother lives in San Jose, California, where his wife has lived all her life, and when they visited in July she complained it was too hot here (over 90°F) 😀

        To be fair, when they last visited two Januaries ago she complained it was too cold (about -20°F).

    1. Hand it to Facebook as well, except I wouldn’t put it past young Zuckerberg to have invented some kind of dodge where data about the unborn shows up in the form of an ad or a contest, say, or a game about naming babies. These characters cannot be trusted, the whole world is their collection of selfies.

  1. This story was on ABC news tonight. But, before this story ran ABC told the country that there would be much lower gasoline prices and the average household would save $350 on heating oil. The next story was Apple and the eggs and soon after the national news ran a piece about how the police used the Find My iPhone feature to track down a missing woman. Apparently, the woman drove off a cliff and search and rescue couldn’t find her, but the iPhone feature honed in on her exact location. This means Apple products saved a woman’s life and all the folks saving hundreds of dollars on oil products can use this new found wealth to purchase new iPads and iPhones!

  2. Welcome to Apple! We are pleased to have you on our team. Through your hiring process, you should have learned that you will be unable participate in any form of social activities, as you are expected to focus solely on your work here at Apple, while you are awake, until the time if your retirement, after which you may consider beginning a family. For your benefit, we provide long term storage of your genetic material to assist you. Thanks again for joining our team. Now go invent something.

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