Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus: Changing the way I work in a big way

“The iPhone 6 Plus has become a big part of my work day. I have it in hand far more than any phone that came before, and that’s quite a few,” James Kendrick reports for ZDNet. “Tasks previously relegated to a tablet are now done routinely on the iPhone.”

“The 5.5-inch screen on the iPhone 6 Plus is one reason I’m using it to do more. The size and resolution of the display lets me see plenty on the screen at once, and with apps optimized for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 Plus display, l see that information in a good format. No matter what I’m doing, with iPhone in hand I don’t feel I need a bigger screen like those on tablets,” Kendrick reports. “I wouldn’t do any heavy writing on the phone; that’s relegated to laptops or the iPad Air with a keyboard. But I use Evernote exclusively for writing on a laptop or the iPad Air with keyboard, which makes editing on the iPhone 6 Plus possible, as all my writing projects are in the cloud.”

“Big display and apps aside, the fantastic battery life I’m getting on the iPhone 6 Plus is another reason why it’s working so well for my work. I’m getting at least a day and a half out of a charge, something not always the case with phones in the past,” Kendrick reports. “I didn’t set out to try to use the iPhone 6 Plus heavily during the work day, it happened naturally…”

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    1. I’m not an early adopter. My first iPhone was the 3. I left Siri turned off until a few months ago when I got my 5s. My wife got her first iPhone then, too, and dictates to Siri all the time. I’ll be giving it a shot soon.

      That said, I still have no desire for a 6 Plus. miniPad with phone would be ridiculous. I want my phone in my pocket 90% of the time I’m awake, not on the desk, in my lap, or sitting on the dash of the car.

  1. I totally agree w/ Dr. Pill … But my personal poison would be a 12 inch or so iPad with retina screen and true telephone capability with good speakers and a decent mic.

  2. I have no problem putting my 6 plus in my pocket, i never leave it on the table or desk, unless you wear really tight pants, it should fit easily into your pocket with plenty of room.

    1. I have the 6+, and the only time it’s a problem in my pocket is when the headphones are plugged into it. The Jack sticks up and is annoying. But on the whole, once I got used to it, this phone is the best phone ever.

  3. I totally agree with this. To everyone who asks, I tell them that the biggest difference between my iPhone 5 and my iPhone 6 Plus is that the 6 Plus feels like a full-fledged handheld computer that can also be a phone, whereas the 5 just felt like a phone that could also do some computer stuff.

  4. I’m a worker who uses a pick-axe to dig trenches. Mt iPhone 6 plus is always getting in the way when I swing the pick. Maybe I should take it out of my front pocket?

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