Ashton Kutcher, Lenovo ‘product engineer,’ doesn’t fear Apple’s iPad

“Ashton Kutcher plays the role of Lenovo product engineer well. Really well, almost like Michael Kelso well,” Joanna Stern reports for The Wall Street Journal.Like most product managers or engineers I speak to about their new devices, he hits the key points: how the new Android-powered Yoga Tablet 2 has been improved, why it meets consumer demands and, of course, why it’s so much better than the competition. He even deflects corporate questions, deferring to higher-up executives.

“The 36-year-old actor was ‘hired’ by Lenovo about a year ago, and at the time, he promised that the role would go beyond the typical celebrity spokesperson arrangement. (For examples of that, see Alicia Keys’ short-lived stint as BlackBerry creative director or LeBron James’ Samsung friendship),” Stern reports. “Now he’s making good on that promise with the Yoga rollout. I chatted with Kutcher this week and I think you’ll agree: This is a breakthrough role for him.”

Stern: Are you worried at all about the iPad launch next week?
Kutcher: Not at all. I’m not concerned about it in the least bit. Maybe it will be an iPhone Plus Plus. I think Apple has their fingers in a lot of things. We are really focused on this space and this product. I will be really surprised if they launch anything that approaches what we have here.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If this isn’t a joke (and there’s no way it couldn’t be, whether poor Ashton is in on it or not), this tells you all you need to know about Lenovo and then some.

Obviously, Lenovo is not a serious company. Avoid Lenovo products like Ebola.

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      1. From acting as Steve Jobs to Michael Kelso;
        he really has acting down pat.
        Once so in love with Apple and preaching to youths what he believed to his very soul from playing the role… he now defects to Levonon – either bought out to keep his lips sealed or possibly a true actor — the real point is – like Windows suddenly Ashton has no class, no style as did the PCs.

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  1. Just another “celebrity” spokesperson. Nothing of particular importance, even if Kutcher is sincere in his love and admiration for the Lenova Yoga Tablet 2 (terrible name, btw).

    Kutcher follows a long and infamous line of people go have dismissed Apple products that have not even been shipped. Every one of them ended up “being surprised” when the Apple iPod, iphone, or iPad kicked their butts so severely that their products eventually ceased to exist. Kutcher is a mediocre actor who got his job because of looks. His opinion on this matter carries no weight, especially since he is paid to advocate Lenovo products.

  2. He isn’t near as good as article pretends. The right answer to that question would be, “Of course they are the category leader and any new announcement by Apple will make a big splash. However, I believe we have the product that will for the first time seriously challenge them for the top spot. Next year they are going to be scared of us”. See that would have made him look confident but not stupid. Of course no matter what or how he said it, they are gonna get crushed.

  3. I almost feel sorry for Kutcher. He obviously wants to be a Jobs-like visionary and design Apple products so bad, but of course Apple isn’t going to let him.

    So he settles for “designing” irrelevant Lenovo junk and “competing” against the company he really wants to work for.

    Dude, where’s your dignity?

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