Apple Pay arriving with iOS 8.1 this month, sources say

“Based on multiple sources close to Apple, Bank Innovation has learned that iOS 8.1 will include Apple Pay, and the current expected timetable for the public release is schedule[d] for October 20,” Ian Kar reports for Bank Innovation.

“Similarly, multiple sources close to Apple — as well as MacRumors — report that iOS 8.1 contains hidden code that will allow Apple to “test” Apple Pay with the private beta release of iOS 8.1, as Bank Innovation has previously reported.,” Kar reports. “Sources close to Apple have been confirming that Apple Pay would be attached to iOS 8.1 since the September 9 iPhone event held earlier this month. Sources who spoke to Bank Innovation indicated that the public release of iOS 8.1 will be in sometime in October and may have improvements for other Apple services.”

“We expect that the iOS 8.1 release will be timed to the still-unconfirmed October event held by Apple to announce their new iPad devices, as other websites have previously reported and Bank Innovation has heard rumors about, as well,” Kar reports. “Due to the continually changing reports, Bank Innovation cannot confirm the exact date at this time, but we can confirm that Apple will stick to its timetable of ‘October’ and that sources at Apple say that the official Apple Pay release is tentatively scheduled for the third Monday of October.”

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  1. I wish Apple would fix the many many bugs in iOS8 with 8.1 . When I went to 8 I lost all sorts of functional apps including Mail some of the time, plus both iPhone and iPad got much slower. Apple wake up!

    1. I have experienced a some app crashes, possibly a few more than with iOS 7. But the app that is crashing (besides MDN!) has not been updated and was always a bit flaky and unreliable, anyway. And I have not noticed any significant degradation in performance on my iPad 3 (first retina version of iPad).
      My son is looking forward to getting the new iPad Air 2 (or whatever it is called) when it is released. He has been very patient and has been saving his money to contribute to the purchase.

  2. Interesting how Apple software updates now are predominantly bug fixes. Why is Apple software quality seeming to decline like this? Cook, your long term reputation depends on Apple not becoming another Microsoft in the next decade. I think Apple could do a lot better on its iOS. As for the Mac, it’s been all downhill since Snow Leopard. 10.6.8 remains by far the fastest most stable most intuitive release ever.

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