Five things we learned about Apple Watch at Paris Fashion Week

“The fashion editors were invited to have a play with the new Apple Watch in Paris,” Jess Cartner-Morley reports for The Guardian. “Here are five things of note from a morning of madeleines and wearable tech.”

1. You will definitely want one. To be specific, the one we’re going to want is the rose gold one, with the white strap. I suspect this, inevitably, will be the most expensive one. The $349 (a UK price has not been announced) rubbery one is nice, but – it’s all about the gold. Sorry.

2. Jony Ive and Marc Newson are power players in fashion now. Forty-five minutes before the Chanel show was due to start, Karl Lagerfeld himself arrived at the Apple Watch preview, and sat down with Anna Wintour to try on a watch and be talked through the functionality by Ive and Newson. If that’s not Apple flexing some powerful fashion muscle, I don’t know what is. The breakfast launch was impeccably fashion-week-worthy: it took place at Colette, the most famous boutique in Paris, with espressos and Evian and miniature madeleines. Further proof that Paris fashion royalty are on Team Apple Watch: Azzedine Alaïa is hosting a dinner in honour of Ive.

3. If someone you set as a ‘favourite’ messages you, the watch gently taps your wrist.
4. Lagerfeld kept his own watch on his left wrist, and tried the Apple Watch on his right.
5. Jony Ive looked chic in a pale blue shirt and pale blue suit.

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Charlie Bing” for the heads up.]

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    1. He’s kind of a big deal in the fashion world… design/creative head of Fendi, Chanel and of course Lagerfeld. When you sit down with him and Anna Wintour and get them to try on your product at Colette, you’re really making a statement about the positioning of the product… for better or for worse.

      Personally, I’m into the Apple Watch 100% for the functionality. But I also know that the functionality will come in part from adoption. The more Apple Watch users, the more developers and the larger the ecosystem. So if wearing an Apple Watch becomes a fashion statement for celebrities and the 1% and that drives adoption for everyone else, then that’s great.

      I’m just glad the prices start at just $349 even if the top end may be in the thousands.

  1. I could give a flying fuck about fashion and those who think they are so important… I don’t think Apple is about fashion as much as they are about functionality. That in itself is fashion.

  2. 1) No, I definitely DO NOT want one.

    From the parading Paris crowd, ooooohhhh puhleeze!

    UNLESS … it stands up to the rigors of flying toffee colored spillage at a bikini babe wrestling mudfest; survives repeated tractor tire run-overs in the rain and snow; predicts the best time for a big buck to walk past my tree stand; heat health sensor alert to the divorced MILF on the next barstool and what time of the … (censored, sorry); Siri advisory alerts to coupon savings and Apple Instant Pay on the top five-star rated Superbowl all-u-can-eat specials in town; comes in colors like motor oil bronze, biker black, hangover green, gun barrel blue, field dressing red and motor home silver; made of rugged spaceship material for a manly man that doubles as brass knuckles; laser guided hand stabilization app for my concealed weapon and MANY, MANY MORE … yeah, baby! :^)

    1. My sentiments exactly, John.

      From flat abstract design, rainbow colors to headline fashionista hires.

      Steve kept his liberal tendencies to himself in the name of business.

      Now Apple is waving banners in pride parades. The CHANGE I’m not comfortable with is the LEFT LEANING — wear it on your sleeve direction Apple is headed. In your face arrogance, right or left, is not good for business.

      On second thought, the change would not concern me as much if Apple core business and PR was sharp and on their game avoiding the latest debacles and dealing with them in rapid response time instead of hiding in the ivory office.

      Tim’s Apple, with each revelation not the tight drum as Jobs, unfortunately …

      1. I’m not talking about politics or homos or that kind of stuff, but I fought the good fight when Macs were rock-solid machines that produced for 5+ years (even my current 6-core Pro is plenty productive for heavy work today) at a time when dells and gateways and neweggs were foisted on the real sheep, but now it seems like curved-edged ion-infused design fussy-fuss is SO important that somehow the “power to the people” concept that I bought into 25 years ago is lost and d-bags like Bono are the headlines today. Apple at fashion shows? This is not what I expected.

        1. Well, certainly not what ANYONE expected. But I outlined the CAUSE/FOCUS and it does involve gays, liberals, PC politics, et al NOW in your face.

          Steve was a master of subtlety, kept the SAME things off radar on the down low, even when following the same beat.

      2. But you really can’t begrudge them foraging in new fields. Even if the profits from this venture a out to only a few percent of their income, that’s significant. I’d like to spring for one but I continuously smash the face of my watch into hard things. Not sure I want my $350 watch looking like it was etched with a diamond tip glass cutter or sand blasted with diamond dust.

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