Apple granted interactive 3-D holographic display patent for future Macs and iOS devices

“Apple’s first invention relating to a 3D holographic display was back in 2008,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today the US Patent and Trademark Office officially published Apple’s second granted patent in this field but takes it to a whole new level aiming for an interactive holographic display for Macs and iDevices like an iPhone or iPad,” Purcher reports. “Apple notes in their granted patent that ‘The mobile telephone, media player and personal computer can provide a three-dimensional viewing and interacting experience, without the requirement of a reflective medium or wearing 3D glasses. Accordingly, a truly unobtrusive interactive three-dimensional holographic display can be provided.'”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. I used to like news items like this because I could dream if what the future might bring. Now, instead, I dread Samsung’s shitty, useless me-first stolen version, which gets tied up in patent courts for so long no cares anymore. So I’ll go straight to “I don’t care anymore.”

    1. I think this is a wonderful invention! I hope they implement it soon, this could revive the virtual pet category. I think you might be feeling a lttle down because of the outcome of the Steelers game. Cheer up, John

    2. Well if you’re talking about just a 3D holographic display, the LG Thrill 4G had it back in 2011. It used the same type of screen as the Nintendo 3DS, just much higher resolution. Though all the games they had for it that used it still looked pixelated as hell. It even had a 3D camera you could use to take 3D photos and shoot 3D video. And it also worked with 3D TV’s through the mini HDMI output.

      Samsung and Oculus have actually teamed up and are developing the Gear VR.

      It’s basically the same tech that Oculus is using in the Oculus Rift, just mobile and made to work with the Note 4. I’ve got the DK1 model of the PC version and well, it does WAY more than make 3D holograms.

        1. Yep! Just here to remind you that again, Android users had it years ago. Not really a ‘me too’ product if you had it first right?

          And now when Apple finally gets that, Samsung is already working on something better. Sure you can’t walk around with it because you’ll be blind to everything outside of the virtual world, but it’ll be good for long car rides, ect.

          Trust me. Watching HD movies in your own personal virtual IMAX theater is amazing. Go look up RiftMAX Theater on YouTube if you don’t believe me. I imagine the Gear VR will have at least something similar.

            1. Why? Because every time Apple comes out with something claiming it’s an original, innovative idea I come along and prove them wrong with sources to back me up?

              If you want a phone with outdated tech that’s been done before, that’s fine. Just don’t go around acting like it’s the best thing in the world. It’s not.

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    1. WTF are you on dude?
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      Now go seek rehab.

  3. Apple bought a company in Canada called poly9 that specialized in 3d globes and so forth. Add that up with their Israeli acquisition PrimeSense and this is no longer a dream. I think for the education market, to begin with, this kind of interface focused on key new apps would be great and doable.

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