EU watchdog to give reasons for inquiry into Ireland’s tax treatment of Apple

“The European Commission will publish on Tuesday its reasons for opening an in-depth inquiry into the Irish government’s tax treatment of Apple, a Commission spokesman said.,” Barbara Lewis and Tom Bergin report for Reuters. “The European Union’s competition watchdog is looking at whether a number of countries’ benign tax regimes for multinational companies, which helps to attract investment and jobs that might otherwise go elsewhere, represents unfair state aid.”

“Theoretically, if the Commission ruled the tax treatment constituted state aid, Apple, the largest company in the world by market capitalisation, could be forced to repay billions of dollars in tax savings,” Lewis and Bergin report. “However, some tax lawyers said they doubted the Commission could enforce such a ruling and that it is more likely Ireland would simply be forced to change its light-touch approach to taxing multinationals, which other European countries say robs them of tax revenues.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What Apple does is legal. If you think it’s not “fair,” then you need laws and rules that make it illegal. Also, you cannot apply laws and rules retroactively in order to, not tax, but outright steal Apple’s money.

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  1. Maybe those other European countries should lower their tax rates if they want to compete for tax dollars.

    But then again, if you can just pass a law that says “Apple, give me your money” then they wouldn’t have to endure lower tax rates for all the other companies.

      1. No, first pay off accrued debt, then close unfair tax loopholes that no longer make sense. Only then can the US financially stay afloat. Attempting to slash tax rates before aggressively axing wasteful spending and halting the obscene handouts to lobbyists is financial suicide for the nation. Modern Rome is attempting to battle the foreign hordes while its treasury is empty and the IOUs pile up.

  2. When you state, “outright steal Apple’s money” you are unaware that Apple is a publicly own company. They want to OUTRIGHT STEAL INVESTORS MONEY! If Apple held back a dividend payment and stated that it was decided that because a government decided to take their dividend money and that unless another publicly elected government decides to steal your next dividend payment, future dividends will be paid as planned. People need to understand who is being robbed when they do this crap. It is the investors who have lost that money to the redistributing government trolls. Again!

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