Apple’s massive global iPhone 6/Plus rollout back on track

“Apple Inc. introduced a fresh iPhone software update free of major glitches and rolled out its latest smartphones in 22 countries, moving beyond a week of apologies and facing an Internet outcry over bent handsets,” Tim Higgins reports for Bloomberg. “”

“Long lines formed at stores as Apple introduced the latest iPhones to a second wave of markets, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” Higgins reports. “About 600 people lined up outside of Amsterdam’s Apple Store, with 400 customers at the Barcelona shop, the Cupertino, California-based company said.”

“Stress tests showed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are as “tough” as other comparable phones including HTC Corp.’s HTC One M8, Consumer Reports magazine said on its website yesterday. ‘Our tests show that both IPhones seem tougher than the Internet fracas implies,’ the report said,” Higgins reports. “Demand for Apple’s new handsets has the company poised to sell more than 61 million iPhones in the last three months of the year, surpassing last year’s record 51 million sold, according to Barclays Plc.”

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      1. It seems to me that the FUD campaigns haven’t ever worked very well to stifle massive Apple sales. To my conspiratorial mind, that indicates an infusion of new troops, cash, and tactics this time around; the locusts are going all-out now that Apple has played the large-screen card. I believe that’s the reason for the simultaneous blitzes from all quarters. It may prove to be the trump card.

        1. The FUD campaigns wasn’t to affect iPhone sales it was to move the stock down. Which it did. Job done.
          Now the stock is up again and the positions have been taken for another pump and dump.

  1. The roll-out was never off-track as far as Apple was concerned. Only the bloggers and news media were making a big deal out of Apple’s Bendgate situation. For Apple, it was always business as usual. More critical was the faulty OS update which certainly needed to be resolved. As long as it got pulled it wouldn’t affect the actual roll-out of products because that’s probably something that can’t be easily stopped in the shipping stage.

    I find it so amazing how Apple is so easily attacked by just a handful of people. There are companies with really serious production problems and they go ignored because no one actually cares. All companies have some production problems at one time or another and plenty of companies have multiple product problems and we hardly ever hear of them. Bendgate wasn’t even a product recall and those happen quite often with companies and yet Bendgate garnered so much attention.

    Harley-Davidson recently had gas tank leak and partial clutch failure problems and you’d have to dig deep just to find out about them.

  2. “an Internet outcry over bent handsets”

    No. Piss off, Tim. Nine people out of, what now, 15 million?
    The only outcry is that from petulant, tabloid-level gossip whores such as yourself.

  3. Actually the report showed it was only tougher than the HTC. The Note 3 fared significantly better. If you are only comparing metal phones then all this proves is metal is not as good a material for phones as polycarbonate.

      1. I dunno. I was using my old iPhone 5 along side my new iPhone 6 today, and the size difference and its benefits became quite apparent immediately. I’m never going back to the old phone. As for the size being too big, and the case being to weak for back pockets, I’ve carried my 6 in the back pocket of my jeans all day and have not put any strain on it at all.

        1. Right, I’m attracted to the 6 and have no pocket phobia as I have always carried phones in a handbag anyway. The beef was about the ‘plastic versus metal’ contest which I have no particular interest in, except as a debunker. I love the debunker role, and have an idea for a website based upon shooting down others’ beloved delusions. I’m checking with a lawyer first, though.

    1. all consumer objects are ‘trade offs’

      like a car, you can make it much safer by putting heavy steel plates etc but it’ll cost a bomb to fuel and look like shit, so designers make choices weighing one against the other : style, weight , fuel economy, price , safety …. (all the while accommodating government standards regulations)

      same with iPhone, slick aluminium vs cheaper looking plastic, thinner to reduce weight as it is larger etc.

      If people want a plastic android, with perhaps no OS updates, No 64 bit (resulting in sucky fingerprint sensors etc), massive malware threats , inferior apps , lag (due to inherent underlying OS issues, touch android is layered over an original Blackberry like OS base ), passing of the buck for support between OEMs and Google, BAD RESALE value , ETC… go for it.

      The other reason Apple went Aluminium was to improve recycling . Apple’s plastic laptops were attacked by Greenpeace etc years ago (as usual by all organizations Apple is the target. Greenpeace etc ignored the hundreds of millions of plastic PCs and rated HP Dell higher than Apple at that time. ).

  4. I”m just waiting for a Samsung or Xiaomi paid troll to post YouTube videos showing the dangers of lining up for Apple :

    Video by Dr. Sam : “Waiting for hours in an Apple line causes all kinds of health issues including bloated colon and shortening of the femurs, bones actually BEND! … X-rays done by Myself Prove it. and yes I AM a REAL Doctor …. ! “

  5. By now Apple competitirs should realize that Apple is immune to FUD. Apple haters should realize that they look like a mentally unhinged lot consumed with jealousy and hatred.

  6. Did not know where to pu this. Different topic.

    Hitting the wires is a suggestion that the EUis to publish its initial findings on apple and Ireland tarriff laws. Although thisus a long process, the WS shysters are going to create a huge frenzy about this. It seems like the goal is to bring down apple’s stocki in the next few weeks. Somehow there must be a lot riding in sellers of call options, shooters of call options, short sellers and buyers of short options. I believe the shysters have to also dampen the stock before the September Q report for apple is released.

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