Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, and others mock ‘bendability’ of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus

“Competition between mobile phone manufactures is fierce with handset companies using social media and other public platforms to call out their competitors,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for MacRumors.

“It’s not surprising then to see a wave of tweets and comments from big name companies like Samsung and HTC mocking Apple following its recent iPhone 6 Plus bending controversy,’ Hodgkins reports.

Some samples:


Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Since going on sale last Friday, September 19th, Apple said only nine customers have contacted the company about a bent iPhone 6 Plus.

So, with 15 million* iPhone 6/Plus units out there currently, 9 units equals 0.00006% of all iPhone 6/Plus units.

In other words: The odds of having an iPhone 6/Plus bend are 1,666,667 to 1.

The odds of being struck by lightning are 576,000 to 1.

*A rough, likely low estimate.

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    1. Yes, most of the world got to see that video yesterday. And yes, I do not know how Apple will be able to afford to replace 9 bent iPhones 6 Plus devices. It is like Antennagate all over again. However, people do not see the improvements over the prior design. Did anyone comment yet about how well the glass and screen held up on a very bent iPhone 6 Plus? Did it crack? Did it keep working? Did the iPhone short out? Did the battery catch on fire? No! Even when the damage exceeded any possible real life damage from normal use, the iPhone kept working and was safe!

      Apple will beef up the area around the volume buttons or move the buttons. It is a small engineering fix or revision to the design. It was painful to watch damage to my 401K today. But, my 401K will recover from this soon. Did anyone cancel their order? Did they just switch it to the smaller iPhone 6 that doesn’t bend in someone’s hand in a video? Ok, that changes the back order and sale from one iPhone to the other iPhone.

      9 iPhone cost investors $8.28 billion today. Oh FUD! I see there is a sale on AAPL today. Time to buy while the FUD is flying.

      1. Do you really think 9 iPhones involved in Bendgate caused Apple shares to sell off? Are Apple investors really that stupid to panic over such a small thing? If anything I thought it might be the bad OS update which was probably more widespread. Of course, there are those damn hedge fund guys who try to take advantage of panics only to buy back in the next day.

        I doubt any significant number of consumers are spooked and even if they are they’ll probably settle down in a couple of days and continue on with their purchase of an iPhone. Once they’re aware of the situation they should just realize they need to be more careful. Simple enough.

        1. Do you really think 9 iPhones involved in Bendgate caused Apple shares to sell off?
          No. It is the media hysteria, and Apple’s competitors keeping the hysteria going.

          Are Apple investors really that stupid to panic over such a small thing?
          With the media and financial analysts spreading the mass hysteria on virtually zero evidence? Absolutely, yes.

      1. I watched the YouTube of the guy trying to bend the Samsung S5 and not succeeding. But everytime it got close to bending, he stopped applying force. It’s also obvious the force on his fingers was not anywhere near the force that was applied to the bending of the iPhone 6 Plus; his fingers never showed the flattening of the guy who bent the iPhone, nor did his hands even begin to shake with strain. . . instead, he stopped any effort. On the other hand, the fellow who destroyed the Samsung S4, had no difficulty and did it with little strain at all.

  1. Work gave me an S4 a few months ago and the FIRST thing I noticed was how bendable it was. It’s been in my back pocket when sitting and nothing has happened yet. I work in a materials test lab and would love to do a bend test to see how flexible thin phones are. I just can’t find anyone to allow me to test their iP6 and the company would frown on testing my phone.

      1. Google recently cut advertising prices even further because nobody these days gives a shit about web ads. Which is great news for scammers as evidenced by the nasty cheap-ass corporate graffiti plastered all over this page.

  2. Tim Cook should do the same thing that Steve Jobs did when Antennagate was the news. Steve Jobs took competitor phones one by one and showed how each phone had the same issue. The competition was immensely ticked back then.

    In this case, Tim Cook could compare how each phone withstands pounds of pressure and throw it back in their faces with a demonstration.

  3. Mdn and other apple centric sites.
    You admit this is all fud in your own comments.. But yet you contribute to the spreading of the fud. ..Why? I asked once and i did not get an answer? Are u guys contradicting yourselves ?

    Let me give u a hypotetical senario of a thought :
    If samsung came to any of you and offered. A million dollars to continue spreading the fud in a subtle way( like just printing the headlines with no added comments ) .. Would u take the million and follow orders?

    This is how these fud stuff is done. ( though i dont know of the pay amount or type )

    When i see u guys contradict yourselves .. What am i to think?
    The above is definitly one thought.
    Specially in absance of any reasonable answer from you !

    1. All I see from MDN and others here is the debunking of said FUD. Yes, they share the story. But then they also point out how ridiculous it is. Like you. Utterly. Ridiculous.

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