LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer to dump team’s Apple iPads

“After Steve Ballmer plunked down $2 billion for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, fans might expect the former Microsoft chief executive to be hitting the reset button on a team that has been through a nasty public fight over racism,” Mary Milliken and Eric Kelsey report for Reuters. “Don’t bet on it. That experience, Ballmer knows, makes his team unique, and it will be part of the story he tells to earn one thing that was not guaranteed by the record price tag: a fan base that will sustain the team for years to come.”

“But the man who helped sell personal computing to the masses knows he has to sell a team that has long been overlooked and overshadowed by its more famous L.A. rival, the Lakers,” Milliken and Kelsey report. “Ballmer promises that whether the fan comes to the arena, or cheers from the couch, or follows on a smartphone or tablet ‘you are going to have the best experience and that is not just the best in L.A.'”

Steve Ballmer“The mobile experience is something Ballmer knows intimately and he acknowledges that under his leadership at Microsoft it was something he did not get right. Competitors such as Apple Inc. and Google Inc. seized the mobile revolution and put pressure on Ballmer to innovate. He stepped down as CEO in February after 14 years,” Milliken and Kelsey report. “‘And do I wish a higher percentage of today’s mobile devices were ours and we had birthed that category?’ he mused. ‘Yes, of course I do.'”

“It should come as no surprise, then, that the Clippers will be a Microsoft organization. The son of a Ford Motor Co manager, he’s always been a company and product loyalist, banning his own family from using Apple’s iPhones,” Milliken and Kelsey report. “‘Most of the Clippers on are Windows, some of the players and coaches are not,’ Ballmer said. ‘And Doc kind of knows that’s a project. It’s one of the first things he said to me: ‘We are probably going to get rid of these iPads, aren’t we?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, we probably are.’ But I promised we would do it during the off season.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: And, consigning yourself and your team to inferior tablets helps you win more basketball games how, exactly?

Leave it to Ballmer T. Clown to cut off his nose to spite his face.

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  1. Ballhead has to live the rest of his life with the fact that he got owned and trampled on by Jobs and Apple. He may have all the money one could ever need but he won’t be able to buy legacy and how history will judge him – the guy that made Microsoft irrelevant.

  2. I can’t wait for the fireworks when Steve Ballmer asks Blake Griffin to stop lending his image to iPhone skins/case covers. Blake Griffin may be under contract for three more years, but if he plays mad he might accumulate even more technical fouls, resulting in more game suspensions, which would lead to more game losses. Best if Steve doesn’t meddle.

  3. There goes the LA Clipper’s season! I imagine the Clippers organization to be ran as efficiently as Microsoft was under Ballmer.

    That should keep some Clipper players and fans awake tonight!

  4. I see in the future those aluminum fold-up chairs the players sit on being thrown in the air during a game when the coach can’t divulge his winning strategy on such a losing device.

    “My OS ate my game plan!”

  5. Ned Ryerson

    Thursday, August 14, 2014 – 5:58 pm · Reply

    He said he’s committed to doing what’s necessary to make things better, smoother and more efficient.

    “I get a chance to understand from (Doc Rivers), the fans, the players, the staff and the other coaches what I can do as the new owner of the L.A. Clippers,” he said. “What can I do to support them in what I call a Steve Ballmer, hard-core, passionate way?”

    Steve — Ban all Apple products and replace them with Surface 3 and Nokia phones!

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