Apple’s gauntlet of five durability tests that iPhone 6 Plus passed with flying colors

“Defending allegations that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can bend in a user’s pocket — Apple says it’s received just nine customer complaints of bent iPhones in the first six days of phone sales,” Nathan Olivarez-Giles reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple also outlined the gauntlet of durability testing it says it puts its phones through,” Olivarez-Giles reports, “five tests in particular.”

Five Durability Tests Apple Used on the iPhone 6 Plus:

• Three-point bending
• Pressure-point cycling
• Torsion testing
• Sit tests
• Real-life user studies

Read more about all five of Apple’s durability tests here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Touchy today? Accidentally bent your phone? Lost a lot of money in AAPL? Goodness we’ve turned into a honey badger with rabies so fast. Calm down. Don’t be so defensive. Anyone with common sense would understand that there are more than nine bent iPhone six pluses. Just pay attention.

        1. Proof? STILL NO? Then STFU. I guess then with your tacit permission we can also make very broad assumptions about faulty Androidverse issues as well. After all, anyone with common sense would understand Android is a steaming POS OS with rampant malware that effects millions of users.

          1. Its a shame…..Android users are like the Taliban, they hate Western part of the world with their believes and freedom being Apple users in this case! They bash, threat and make up all kinds of things against us!

            1. denial of WHAT?

              like art2 and peter said give your refs to contest Apple’s claim ..
              Why are you guys trolling at an Apple fan site anyways? I can understand Apple fans being here, but why are YOU here spending your time ?


              You are like unhappy jealous trash peering through the gates at the ‘folks who have better stuff’ , shouting: “The floor mats of your Lamborghini is an ugly colour ! My Yugo has MORE PLASTIC CUP HOLDERS !! ”

              Your idiotic shrilling irritates but your opinions don’t matter to us, really. No matter what you say we use apple devices every day and we know how good they are.

              Go play with your Yugo leave us with our Lamborghinis, we don’t waste OUR time trolling at your websites (because we don’t really care about the trash you use) …

            2. I prefer the classics “Recycling centers prefer Yugos over Lamborghinis for scrap metal twenty-five to one.” and “Yugos make more economical artificial reefs than Lamborghinis.”

        2. Tim….touchy today? Lost money…i forgot, you don’t have any. Lets be reasonable… Since this is a hot topic for you all, androits. It must feel awful not to see iphone users rush and make videos of other companies phones doing weird things. I know you think about it.
          The reason you mostly don’t see those videos is that people in general do not care about what you use to talk or text. Only the android fans stay up late at night making up things. You don’t find apple, or even windows phone, users trying so hard to preach their faith. I do hope it is about faith for you because the other side would be hate for a non-entity like a corp.
          Insecurity. A horrible trait. Jajajajajajajaja.

    1. Actually it is a rigged test… His hands aren’t even centered, his left thumb is placed exactly where the phone bends. So there’s much more force on that point of the phone then anywhere else.

      1. Yep, and you can see his fingers straining like HELL doing this. Yet the ridiculous media post things like “easily bends” or “not much effort” when describing this idiots video.

  1. All the points made in Apple’s statement are true, I’m sure. But this is as much an issue of perception as fact. Even if it’s true that only 9 customers complained “directly to Apple” it doesn’t mean that there are not many others who have or will have a bent iPhone through no fault of their own.

    Durability tests are performed on specific products and materials to meet specific standards. It may be that, based on the variability between batches of aluminum used in these phones, that some phones are simply too soft. The number may turn out to be small, but it seems to me that what is happening here should surprise no one.

    One of my first thoughts when I saw these new phones was “they’re very thin … I wonder if they will be prone to bending.” I kid you not. I purchased my iPhone 5S during the same episode when there were several cases of them bending. I have no problem with mine over a year later, but I have to say it made me nervous.

    These phones are on the knife edge of structural integrity. Add in practical manufacturing consideration and economics and you have a very fine line between structural success and failure.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    1. I’m positive Apple’s 9 number is very accurate because in the future there might be a lawsuit and all information relating to this matter would be subpoenaed. If it was revealed the actual amount was 90,000 then Apple would be crucified in the media even more than they are now. My bet is the actual number is 9 which means certain media outlets have huge egg on their faces for not properly vetting the story. Can readers/viewers trust these media sources ever again?

      It is possible there could be another 9 in the wild, but this is still a very small number compared to the 15 million sold. The good news for these customers is Apple stands by their creations and will replace the damaged units.

      Another positive because of this episode is that I have watched many videos with the phones in them and they look more spectacular after each view; a true example of expert engineering and craftsmanship. I can’t wait to purchase these beauties.

  2. Guess my first thought when I see and buy something as nice (and expensive) as an iPhone is NOT how I can break it. Get real. I bet I treat $5 paperbacks better than some of these people treat their phones.

  3. Bendgate is just a small bump in the long road ahead. The news media and anti-Apple bloggers have found a flaw in probably every iPhone there was but that didn’t stop any of them from breaking sales records. The average consumer won’t even remember this happening a week from now. They’ll see it on the news and late night show references a few times and that will be the end of it. I’m glad Tim Cook did damage control and whether people believe him or not is their choice. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will definitely become the top-selling iPhones of all time. All this negative publicity is annoying but inevitable. In the end, consumers will continue to love Apple products.

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