SquareTrade Breakability Tests: Apple iPhone 6 earns best score ever, iPhone 6 Plus not far behind

SquareTrade, the electronic device insurer, today announced the iPhone 6 and its larger sibling, iPhone 6 Plus, performed impressively in Breakability testing, and each carries the top Breakability Score in their respective category.

The SquareTrade Breakability Score ranks today’s top devices based on how prone they are to break due to accidents. Evaluating key elements such as front and back panel design, edge construction and materials, size, weight, friction quotient, water resistance and grip-ability, SquareTrade’s Breakability Score fills in the missing gap left by traditional device reviews: it tests devices in everyday danger situations brought on by our lifestyles and habits.

The SquareTrade Breakability Score is based on a number of factors, from physical characteristics to the results of SquareTrade’s Drop, Dunk and Slide Tests. The higher a device scores on a scale from 1-10, the higher the risk of it breaking due to an accident.

The new series of iPhones performed above expectations, scoring higher than both previous iPhone models and popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6’s Breakability Score of 4 sets a new high mark with a slightly better performance than even Google/Motorola’s Moto X and the HTC One. The much larger iPhone 6 Plus scored a 5, more than a full point better than the Samsung Galaxy S5, making it the most durable phone with a screen larger than five inches.

SquareTrade’s Breakability Score testing revealed the following:
• The iPhone 6 Plus is not only more durable than most large screen phones, but it also outscored last generation’s iPhone 5S
• Both new iPhones performed very well in most tests, but the iPhone 6 Plus lost some points because some users may have a hard time gripping the phone due to its large but slim form
• The screens on both new iPhones held up very well to Breakability testing, giving credence to Apple’s promise of ion-strengthened glass.

“Apple has done it again, with a pair of larger phones that are more durable than their smaller predecessors,” says Ty Shay, CMO of SquareTrade, in a statement. “But as we saw with the ill-fated mishap of the first iPhone 6 buyer in Australia, accidents are still going to happen. Americans have spent over $10 Billion on iPhone repair and replacement since their release, and we expect that unfortunate trend to continue.”

SquareTrade Breakability Tests: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Source: SquareTrade


    1. The sheer amount of Samdung Fandroid trolls on the websites focusing on the bend ability of the iPhone 6+ is pathetic, but I fear it won’t end soon. I have seen them on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, basically any social media outlet they can find.

      However, as a release date pre-order iPhone 6plus owner, I have had zero problems. I even tried (rather meekly I admit) to put a bend in my phone with my two hands. Of course I didn’t bring out the hulk muscle like the DIGG video idiot obviously did. My conclusion is that if you REALLY want to bend it you obviously can. But I have no fear keeping it in my front pants pocket. I could not bend mine with what I consider to be a substantial amount of pressure

      The incessant trolling does bother me, but I try to look on the bright side. This just shows me how awesome my purchase was… since Samdung Fandroids are going out of their minds with insane jealousy and the only thing they know how to do is try to find 1 negative thing (which is a stretch at best) to harp on. It has to be a very sad life they lead. I do feel for them.

      1. Hey Disgusted, we just saw your post earlier. The same post. Word for word. How much is Apple paying you? Or are you an Apple employee just trying to do his job by trying to spin things? It’s a known fact that Apple watches these sites 24/7 for negative posts. The phone bends. And it will become a huge problem. Especially for shareholders. I wish it were not true because I own AAPL. Or I did until about an hour ago. Had made good money and expected to make much more. But you can’t argue with facts. You seem to be trying. And I just can’t understand why?

            1. Samdung must have smuggled into Korean a telephone book from the USA to get all the names the trolls use. You can spot the diction problems for the samdung trolls versus the Gaagle trolls. The Windoze trolls have left us alone for a couple of years.

        1. People who love their Apple products have a habit of defending them over idiotic things like this. And if the same info applies to another headline page, why not copy and paste? Not everyone reads every thread on MDN. Repeated texts don’t mean someone is paid. I’m a shareholder (as you supposedly are—or “were” until an hour ago so you say) and I don’t feel like selling mine, but for you, go ahead! You need to transfer those shares into Samsung investments and get back to us in a few years on how much you made. I’ve purchased a lot of nice things that aren’t industrial strength, and the other large phones bend also. So just don’t buy a large phone from anybody.

        2. Yes very convincing, your words seem somewhat parrot like too, I suspect he just copied and pasted onto 2 relevant threads rather than write it out again knowing that trolls will abound and a pertinent point needed to be stated in his opinion, is that a problem for you? Seems that those with your standard FUD well beyond the actual facts show he is right. You may not want to admit it either but these tests show the Apple phones perform somewhat better in durability than Samsung phones or is that sort of news not to your liking? Logic would say that you would buy Apple shares on that basis, but then only an idiot would over react on such news would they either way.

      2. disgusted and Manuel Santana:
        If there is a defensive reaction on the part of Apple fans, then chalk it up to the excess of FUD and rabid attacks that occur anytime a potential “issue” arises with an Apple device. When you get attacked incessantly for years, mostly over total BS, the tendency is to become defensive.

        In many cases, the “fanboys” are the toughest legitimate critics of Apple hardware and software. There has been a lot of valid criticism of Apple products and decisions on this forum over the years. We are not nearly as blind to the flaws of Apple as our detractors make us out to be. We are not paid for favorable opinions and we do not engage in revisionist history, either.

        SquareTrade believes that the iPhone 6/Plus are durable, more durable than the previous generation of iPhones. SquareTrade makes a business out of insuring electronic devices. If they are wrong, then their business will suffer. So i tend to trust SquareTrade’s evaluation process far more than the guy who bends an iPhone 6+ with his hands (especially when he is purportedly damaging his own property).

        In the end, it does not matter what the fanboys or the trolls say — the market will take care of it. If this is a significant issue, then sales of the iPhone 6/Plus will trend downwards and iPhone mania will subside. If this is largely a product of the FUD machine, like the iPhone 4 antennagate, then iPhone 6/Plus sales will continue to break records.

        I did *not* sell my AAPL, Manuel…but good luck with your investment strategy.

    2. Thank you. You ask the obvious question. It’s clear, if you have held one on your hand, that they will bend. It’s just a fact. This is a problem. An inexcusable problem. There is simply no getting around it. It bends. And it doesn’t take that much effort to bend it. Thank you Jony Ive. Thank you for a phone that is needlessly thin. AAPL shareholders are about to reap the rewards of your “fabulous design”!

      1. ???

        Apparently, iPhone 6 plus is much less bendable than any of the competitors.

        So, Apple made a phone that is more rigid than the competition, but it will still bend when sufficient force is applied. How much force? A lot of force. How much is a lot? Well, it is all relative. Exactly where is that absolute number at which an iPhone will bend, and how close / how far is it from the desired number by Laurence Gerard? Does that desired value even exist, or is it set at infinity (no bendability at all)? These are some of the existential questions for us all to ponder…

  1. But did they even TRY to bend it?

    By gaining a measly 7% “thinness” over the “oh so fat” iPhone 5S, they sacrificed 22% strength – or so I have read.

    …And you can bend the iPhone 6 Plus with your bare hands – or your pocket.

      1. It’s got nothing to do with trolls, this is a pretty big issue and its amazing it was overlooked. If there was was a good time to introduce a liquid metal phone, this was it and Apple missed it

        1. Apple already has a remedy for this… it’s called HealthKit. HealthKit helps people lose weight so when people sit on iPhone there is less poundage to break it. Perhaps Apple could also use a pressure sensitive function that activates Siri to say “Stop sitting on me. It hurts!” from your back pocket.

          I would think it’s up to the consumer to realize their ass factor.

            1. You’re beating your head against a brick wall here. Trying to speak the truth here is difficult at best. An honest opinion, if not gushing about Apple, is attacked by rabid dogs. Sad. There is no honesty or integrity from most who post here.

            2. When the 4 was new my niece had hers in a back pocket and sat down and broke the glass. A friend did the same with a Droid. These devices have to be light weight and you can only make them so strong before they weigh a ton or are too thick.

    1. Did you read that on the Internet? I read that the Loch Ness Monster uses an Android phone on the Internet. Does that make it true? 73% of all statistics are made up on the spur of the moment, including this one. . . just like the one that Apple gave up 22% of the iPhone’s strength to gain 7% more thinness. it’s Bull Shit.

  2. There have been stories about iPhone 4S, 5 & 5S models bending. SquareTrade will know exactly how often they paid out for that sort of damage over the last three years and will obviously have taken that into consideration when assessing the risks associated with iPhone 6.

  3. Is it me or are all the big “It Bends” posters here not listed or registered. so they are most likely to be drive by trolls??
    Just wondering.

    PS, if your pants are tight, putting something in your front pocket can get bent just as bad as in the back. Back = more weight but smaller radius, Front = less force but smaller radius. Just simple physics.

  4. Square Trade is an insurance company. Here are a couple of interesting quotes from their site:

    – “You’re 10x more likely to break your phone than lose it or have it stolen.” (based on one of their accident surveys).

    – “Research shows that 1 in 3 iPhones die or get damaged. In the U.S. alone, a phone breaks every 2 seconds.”

    Now if they sell insurance for phones you can darn well bet that they are going to research and factor these features into the cost of insurance.

    You can figure it out for there or you can take note of a lack of this headline: “Millions of iPhones not returned.”

  5. This bending thing is just stupid. Anyone getting bent out of shape over it, needs to get a freaken life. Unless you’re an idiot and don’t take care of your things, the odds of this happening are in fact VERY slim.

    There are two types of people in the world… those with common sense, and those with extra insurance.

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