Apple: Time for the next stage

“Expectations are very high for technology giant Apple when it comes to the fiscal 2015 period. Apple is just a couple of days away from starting its new reporting year, and things are already looking quite strong,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “The iPhone 6, which will dominate the year for Apple, is off to a record start. Now, it is time for Apple to enter the next stage of the fiscal year, and that involves getting the iPad going.”

“Apple’s fiscal year ends at the end of this month, but its “product cycle year” really starts a couple of weeks earlier. The big launch a few weeks ago was the iPhone 6, with two larger screen phones that were expected to be in high demand,” Maurer writes. “Along with the iPhone 6 launch, there really was a part 1A to this stage. Consumers and Apple investors have been wanting the company to launch a new product line for some time, and I’m not just talking about new branches like the iPad mini. Well, Apple finally satisfied everyone by announcing the Apple Watch. The device will go on sale early in calendar 2015, so it will be a few months before it becomes available. You do need an iPhone 5 or later to use the watch, which could negatively impact consumer demand a bit. This new device, which should sell tens of millions of units in the first year of availability, will certainly help boost Apple’s fiscal year revenues towards the $200 billion level.”

“While the iPhone has certainly done well lately, Apple’s second-largest revenue product has met some tough times. The iPad certainly needs a boost,” Maurer writes. “We are about a month away from Apple announcing its next set of iPads, with the latest report calling for an October 21st event.”

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  1. Ah yes. Apple has just had the best opening weekend ever and is working to fill the backlog of orders as everyone expected.

    Now cue the, “What have you done for me lately (as in TODAY)?” crowd from Wall Street.

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