Apple pulls iOS 8.0.1 after users report major problems

“One week after the launch of iOS 8, Apple released its first update for the new OS — iOS 8.0.1 — on Wednesday afternoon,” Chris Welch reports for The Verge. “It was meant to fix a slew of bugs, but that’s not what happened. Immediately after the update hit, reports began flooding in that iOS 8.0.1 was breaking cellular reception and other features like Touch ID.”

Welch reports, “Apple eventually removed the faulty update, but not before an untold number of users were able to install it.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Clown show.

iOS 8.0.1 will now proceed live on in infamy.

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    1. You all still standing by Tim Cook? I think Apple should have delayed the watch and just focused on iPhone and iPad here, then the Retina iMacs later this year. We’ve got fragmentation in iOS now with the 6 Plus and iOS scaling is terrible. It’s like Android using a 6 Plus. And the bugs with the 6 Plus are all over the place: frozen black screens on App transitions, text cut off in landscape mode in the Mail App, and more.

      If it were me… I would have launched one new size iPhone to keep it simple. I would have gone 5″, maybe 5.2″, and lost a big chunk of the top and bottom bezel to keep the physical size as small as possible. Lost the home button and built Touch ID into the screen. I’m a 6 Plus owner and when I see what they’ve done, Apple has created a problem for themselves with fragmentation. There’s no easy answer to designing Apps for smaller, tweener, and larger screens. We’ve got the tweener third category now.

  1. My guess is Apple was more focused on fixing the problems with iOS 8 and the iPads and previous generation iPhones that Apple did not have enough time to perform full testing / regression testing of all features before this update was released.

  2. As an Apple shareholder, I suggest that instead of Timmy giving the whole company an extra week of vacation time in November, coercing them to march in Gay Pride parades, and wallowing in global warming groupthink get togethers, he should embark on weeding out the brain-dead losers who are doing nothing but destroying Apple’s brand equity and investor value and get to work acquiring some competent employees who can do their assigned jobs for a change.

  3. Is that hard top have few dozens of engineers having all kinds of modifications of iPhone and trying to apply this update BEFORE making it public?

    Since few dozens is quite a number I am sure the issues would be quickly uncovered.

    1. I’m thinking this must prove that Apple doesn’t give their employees preferential access to the newest iPhones. Because apparently no one had one to try out the 8.0.1 update on in Cupertino before they unleashed it into the wild.

      1. An idiotic statement. Well all know damn well they tested 8.0.1 on all the compatible devices BEFORE they released it. If they didn’t I’ll finally agree with others and TIM COOK should be gone immediately.

    1. My Samsung phones have never had such an epic failure as this. Words to remember: “The junk merchant doesn’t sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.”

    2. What are you trying to say? That Apple’s complete silence on this epic failure is somehow better behavior? Stop giving Apple a free pass every time they fuck up. Apple quality has gone downhill ever since Timmy took the reigns, and nobody here is willing to objectively look at at. Assholes like you just insult anyone who suggests that Apple do a better job the way they used to.

  4. I just feel so sorry for all those out there who updated and really need cellular service that they don’t have right now. They thought they were buying a great, reliable phone from a trusted company. What a disgraceful day for Apple.

  5. I installed it as soon as I heard about it.
    Oh well, I hardly ever make or receive calls, so that doesn’t matter, however, I listen to the radio all day on my phone, so if that fails, I shall be a trifle vexed!
    (Having said that, my O2 3G connection drops off with irritating regularity, so it couldn’t be much worse).

  6. Mistakes happen, you can wish all day long that they wouldn’t happen, but they do.

    I think MDN’s take is short sighted, they should know better, the level of complexity involved here with this software is huge.. Last I heard their own MDN app is broken under IOS8, they had plenty of time before it was released to make sure it worked, and in comparison to IOS, its nothing, still broke didn’t it

    1. MDN simply calls ’em like they see ’em. Right again, MDN! Never stop calling them like you see them!

      Trying to blame MDN for Apple’s fsck up is ludicrously pitiful.

      Use Safari for MDN on iOS until Apple releases a stable iOS 8 for developers to work with, m’kay?

      1. Journo, you obviously have zero clues how complex this really is, if you did, and if MDN really did, you’d maybe you;d comprehend how mistakes can happen, Apple didn’t want to release it broken, but it was.. get over it, and yourself.

  7. I’m sure it’s probably related to Family Sharing within iOS8 but where’s the fix for the iCloud error “403” CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation error that’s caused the Calendar app for OS X to be inoperable.

    1. We use OS X Server 3.x on 10.9.5 as our calendar server, communicating to both iOS 7 and 8 clients as well as OS X clients and aren’t having any issues: I just added a test appointment from my Mac and it showed up right away on my iOS devices, where I dragged the meeting to a different time and Calendar on OS X updated it right quickly.

      1. jt016: Have any of your clients activated Family Sharing? I’ve deactivated Family Sharing, removed my iCloud profile from calendar, signed out and a few other things. I’m currently using Fantastical until I get a solution.

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