China regulator says iPhone 6/Plus in final review stages

“Apple Inc’s iPhone 6 is in the final stages of review for approval, with results due shortly, a top Chinese government regulator said in an interview published on Tuesday by Tencent,” Gerry Shih reports for Reuters.

“‘The iPhone 6 has entered the final stage of the approval process, now it’s just a matter of time,’ MIIT chief Miao Wei told Tencent in an exclusive interview in Beijing. ‘Netizens, please wait patiently,'” Shih reports. “Miao declined to offer a timeframe for completion of the review, saying only that he expected a result ‘very soon.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, “Netizens,” have some patience, will ya? 😉


    1. “China regulator” – oxymoron or…if we’re going to “design” hundreds of knockoffs of this thing we need 3 month head start at the government level to “study” it. #FC!

  1. Chinese government regulator:
    “Apple Inc’s iPhone 6 is in the final stages of review for approval, it sure looks like a phone to me.” {what, the money has been deposited?}
    “Yes, it sure is definitely looking more and more like a phone to me now.”

  2. The check didn’t clear yet? Tim must’ve used the wrong account, we know they have the money. I bet he mistakenly wrote a check from the same account he uses for Jesse’s Rainbow Shakedown Coalition, but that one is empty.

  3. Could the delay actually be deliberated by the Chinese authority, believing that by not allowing the phone to be launch in China at the same time, it could drag down iPhone 6 opening sales volume and China can then prove that it’s market is very important to Apple? Tim Cook may then be forced to abide to their wishes if their strategy works.

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