Apple’s rivals in disarray, cannot compete with 64-bit iPhone 6/Plus

“iPhone 6 represents a willingness to cater to the market, to give the market what it wants (a larger screen iPhone) rather than adhering to an oddly Socratic ideal of ‘best.’ There is no best in an absolute sense, when it comes to consumer electronics. Apple’s belief that the 4 inch iPhone screen was the ‘best size’ had become an anachronism,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. iPhone 6 demonstrates Cook’s ability to strike the balance that Jobs achieved so well.””

“Now we know the true extent of the build out by Apple in anticipation of last weekend, as well as their failure to meet demand for the Plus. As of Sunday evening, the online Apple Store showed a typical iPhone 6 back ordered 7-10 business days, while the iPhone 6 Plus was back ordered 3-4 weeks,” Hibben writes. “Once Apple cranks up supply in calendar Q4, I expect the competition to be shredded. What really can stand up to iPhone 6? Windows Phone, with its sinking market share, antiquated 32 bit processors, and, let’s face, unpopular UI? Or the new, untested Android L? And where is a 64 bit equivalent to the A8? Intel’s 64 bit Merrifield? Try Googling Merrifield and see if you can find anything since February. If you do, be sure to let me know.”

“The lack of effective competition sets Apple up nicely for huge iPhone unit sales for the December quarter of upwards of 60 million units, for a y/y gain of about 20%. With this kind of unit sales growth, Apple is sure to gain smartphone market share, as it usually does in the December quarter,” Hibben writes. “More importantly, Apple will gain sustainable market share among the top 5 tier of smartphone vendors, a metric that I’ve proposed is more relevant since I wrote “Apple’s iPhone 6 Event: A Turning Point” in August. This metric excludes “white box” Android devices that don’t significantly contribute to the Android ecosystem and probably shouldn’t be counted as smartphones.”

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    1. With both marketshare gains, and average-selling-price gains, due to the higher priced plus models, Apple is going to have blow out profits the next quarter or so.

      80%? Sounds about right to me. Or, as profit share goes when there are losers: Apple with 100%, Samsung with 25%, everyone else together loses 25%.

  1. Want to see margins get blown out wait till the watch comes on board …..

    Margins on the Apple watch have to be huge with all the accessories that go along with it, killer product ….

    Can’t innovate my ass!

  2. But, wait… 64-bit processors are nothing special, especially for smartphones. Who needs ’em? 64-bit processors are no innovation. It’s all about how many cores you can have working for ya at once. Muhahaha.
    I’m really happy that Apple is vindicated after having to put up with so many jackasses who can’t seem to understand what’s important to Apple is done for their own reasons. Why can’t they just let Apple do it’s own thing without trashing Apple and spreading lies? Tim Cook is doing a fine job and yet people are still trying to second-guess him. What more can he do?

    Apple will never have the equivalent of Android One to grab a billion more BRIC users. Apple is going to have to play to its own strengths of higher-cost, quality products for those who can afford them.

  3. Apple has to wait for the Fire Phone to gain a foothold, then watch out! And then there’s the BlackBerry Passport (we told the engineers to think outside the box, not about one!) that’ll give the 6+ a run for its money!

    Apple’s getting too complacent.

  4. The problem I have with Seeking Alpha is that they want to harvest me, tantalising me with cunning conundrums, wheedling me into joining a borg registry of ten million. What they little realise is that I can already access superior wisdom through casting the I Ching, achieving greater awareness of the market’s subtle movements through introspective study of random hexagrams than through their dubious cocaine-induced musings.

    1. I’ll bet you love to stare in a mirror and admire yourself. I’m sure there is a place for convoluted and banal patter such as yours somewhere, but it isn’t here.

  5. I have been using the 5S for several months now and I haven’t been able to see any compelling reason to have a 64 bit processor in it. As far as I can see, it is a hopeful move on Apple’s part to get developers moving on it. The reality may be that they are just gearing up for selling much more memory at $100 for each next higher model. Most of the memory will be filled with zeros to occupy the higher order bytes and waste the memory.

    Back in my early history, we had 8 bit processors and programmed with 1’s and zeros. Often times, we didn’t even get the 1’s and had to program entirely with zeros.

    1. Funny you should ask. I’m partway through the Ars review and came across this:

      “Depending on the type of work being done, 64-bit apps running on an ARMv8 chip like the Apple A7 or A8 pick up a nice speed boost compared to 32-bit apps running on the same chip; our benchmarks from last year show an average boost of around 30 percent. Last year when Apple said the A7 could be as much as twice as fast as the A6, it was conditional—it could be twice as fast as the A6, but only if your apps had also made the jump to 64-bit. iOS itself and all of Apple’s built-in apps made the leap on the day the iPhone 5S was released, though developers are taking longer to climb aboard.”

      So it could be the apps you’re using are still 32 bit and it’t time to start bugging the developers. 3 out of the 4 phones Apple is selling are 64 bit and it’s time to give the developers hell. They knew this was coming and had a year to prepare. The guys who wrote Infinity Blade 3 took 2 hours to convert it to 64 bit so there’s no excuse other than laziness, or if your app doesn’t need speed.

      BTW, how’d those zero only programs turn out? Must have run very fast!

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