Why buy Apple’s freakin’ huge iPhone 6 Plus?

“Like many Apple customers, I spent a good amount of time last week debating whether to order an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus,” Dan Frakes writes for Six Colors. “The potential utility of more screen real estate is obvious, but a bigger screen means a bigger phone. At some point, the device becomes simply too large to comfortably or conveniently carry around.”

“Or, to put it another way, the iPhone 6 Plus is freakin’ huge,” Frakes writes. “And yet, in the end, that’s the model I chose — with 128GB of storage, of course — for a number of reasons.”

“I decided I really did want a huge screen… I surprised myself,” Frakes writes. “Compare the 5- or 6-inch smartphones of today with those from just a couple years ago, and today’s are much more appealing. They look and feel better, the apps are better, the operating systems take better advantage of the hardware, battery life is better… they’re just better devices. And many skeptics have been realizing this.”

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  1. And so the title makes us think you hate the thing, and now you are saying you like it.

    While I agree the 6 Plus is going to be a hit, and “NOT” too big. Writing this way I feel, is not good form. I wanted to know why you think it’s bad, not why you think it’s good, regardless of what I think.

    1. You can thank the editors, not the writers, for headlines. Editors are in charge of sensationalizing the story through the headline. Used to be to get you to buy the newspaper or magazine. Now it’s to get a click.

      It’s an interesting thought as to whether people of 50-60 years ago felt the same outrage at being fooled into a reading an article based on a misleading headline. I’ll bet they were, but what was the recourse back then? Letters to the Editor? Ha. As if the Editor was going to print your little expose on their own reason for existence. No, it has taken the internet age, with immediate comments and feedback to shine a light on editorial shenanigans. It still doesn’t matter. The craft of click-baiting goes on in this age, and it will go on forever. I admire a clever click bait because it is a game that must be played well.

  2. I’m able to type one handed on my iPhone 5. I hold the phone using my 2nd or 3rd finger curled around the left edge to hold the 5.

    I just went to the local Apple Store. Turns out the iPhone 6 is big enough to prevent me from holding the phone as I do with 5.

    If I have to use 2 hands I might as well get the 6 plus with the better camera, battery life and camera.

    1. Okay, that’s a valuable observation. There is the one-hand, thumb reach issue, which is very real — although I’ve already come to grips with it using the 5S. But the included that double-home-button-tap that is supposed to help in bringing the top of the screen down to to thumb range. Did you try this, and did it not help manage the larger screen? Beyond that you still have the issue of physical size and how a man or woman is going to conveniently carry the Plus around. I’ve seen some pictures of guys stuffing the Plus in their front pocket, and it’s kind of like “hey, is that phone in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me” kind of thing.

    1. Why would you even waste you time writing such drivel? Your comment lacks common sense.

      I don’t want to carry an iPhone and an iPad around all day. The 5.5″ iPhone is the perfect device for people such as me. And there is no way I’d be caught dead with an Android phone, much less a Samsung product of any kind.

    1. Same here. I still have a 4S and am planning to get the 6 Plus. I use the BT earpiece or a Bose noise-canceling earbuds more than 90% of the time for calls. I just don’t like holding a phone of any sort next to my face.

      1. I like using the headphones normally for phone calls, but there are still a lot of times that I am cursing sans headphones and using the iPhone like a regular phone…. as in up against my face. I’m not ruling out the Plus yet, but I’ve got to gauge the pop-tart against my head issue.

      1. I’m not sure of your point. I’ll be deciding between a 6s or a 6s+, assuming iPhone models continue the same upgrade pattern they’ve been on since the 3g. I like the size of the 6, but I like the longer battery life and image stabilization of the 6+ and my eyesight isn’t getting any better.

        In the mean time I’ve yet again sold my soul to AT&T for two years, plus I have another year left on my Applecare+ AND I still think of my 5s as new.

        What am I missing?

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