The Telegraph reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6 Plus: ‘It’s peerless’

“If there’s a consistent complaint about the iPhone, it’s battery life. If there’s a consistent trend in mobile phones as a whole, it’s to ever bigger screens,” Matt Warman writes for The Telegraph. “With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple addresses both those issues, and demonstrates that it may have taken its time but it can certainly play with the big boys.”

“What’s made the iPhone so successful is its combination of user-friendly simplicity with sufficiently advanced functions and a beautiful, pleasing design. The iPhone 6 builds on that, and set next to the iPhone 5s it instantly makes its predecessor’s design look out of date,” Warman writes. “The 6 Plus may be bigger, but if a larger screen is what you want, it’s peerless.”

“Simply put, the iPhone 6 is finally at the point where its battery lasts me a day. The 6 Plus’s battery lasted me two days, although that is unfair in the sense that many of those who will buy this device will do so to watch films and use it more intensively. Given that few Android phones can manage this, that’s remarkable,” Warman writes. “Apple’s iPhone is the device that revolutionised the smartphone; the iPhone 6 is not so big an innovation as that. But with the 6 it’s as close as the company has come to a flawless reinvention, and with the 6 Plus there’s now, finally, an option that should satisfy those who hunger for more real estate. The reasons to buy an Android phone have never been fewer.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t settle for less than the best. With Apple’s all new, 64-bit smartphones, the gorgeous 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the stunning 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, there’s never been a better time to stop settling for imitations and make the move to the real thing.

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    1. Seriously – I read that and wondered who on the planet he would consider is even close to Apple on ANY front? OK, cringeworthy ad campaigns… Samsung:2 (in the last week).
      Do these guys not have editors?

  1. I wish all these articles would stop stating that the best selling smart phone in the world is playing catch-up. They made a bigger screen when they were ready and on track to capture the meager smartphone profit left on the table. Bon Appetite, Samsung!

  2. The only thing that worries me about the iPhone 6 is that I’m meant to be receiving delivery on Friday, its almost midnight Wednesday and I still haven’t received a shipment notification. Starting to stress

        1. That’s the way it worked in my family, too, until now. We all upgraded to the 5s a month or so ago to change carriers.

          (Buh-bye, AT&T! Never been happier with the service than with Verizon now. AT&T just doesn’t have the coverage where I live. “Unlimited” is meaningless when you can’t connect to anything.)

  3. Well boys (just my way of talking, no offense), because of iPhone 6, and mainly Apple Pay, I’ll be getting my first iPhone! Haven’t ordered yet, probably get it about January, me birthday!

    On another note, ye see how in the poll that iPhone 6s, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch are all about the same percentages? Now that, to me, signals a HOME RUN by Apple! Three home runs! Those are the three things I want, nay, need.

  4. Another article that completely leaves out the Apple walled garden. I buy/use iPhone because of its easy integration with my other Apple devices, not because of the latest gewgaw or gimmick. Android phones are nothing but a list of specs and infested adware.

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