One-third of U.S. doctors likely to buy Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus by Thanksgiving

“‘Doctors love their iPhones,’” says Dr. Nate Gross, the co-founder of Doximity. (Doximity’s essentially a LinkedIn for doctors.) ‘We’ve seen them take screenshots of their favorite iPhone apps, like medical calculators, to share and compare,’ Dan Diamond reports for Forbes. “And the iPhone 6, with its activity sensors and fitness features, should only ‘inspire and excite’ doctors even more, Gross adds.”

“Doximity currently reaches more than 300,000 doctors, and Gross says the user base is fairly representative of all U.S. doctors. ‘We’ve seen roughly 85% of physicians using an iPhone,’ Gross says,” Diamond reports. “Within six weeks of the iPhone 5′s launch, it had already surpassed the iPhone 4 to become the most popular Apple device among Doximity physicians. According to Doxmity’s calculations, that iPhone 5 adoption rate was four times faster than the general population.”

“Doximity expects a similar adoption curve with the iPhone 6, predicting that about 35% of its physician users would adopt the iPhone 6 within the first six weeks of launch,” Diamond reports. “iPhone 6′s larger screen could help doctors when sharing relevant clinical images or even when browsing medical journals… Meanwhile, the iPhone 6′s new Health app — and Apple’s new HealthKit software platform — could lead to an explosion of health care-related mobile applications.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edawrd W.” for the heads up.]

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      1. They Told me (iPhone 6+) between Oct 1-6, but I got in early. At the same time I checked the 4.7″ and they said it would ship on the 19th. I don’t think that was true for very long.

    1. No one can practice medicine in USA unless they are citizen or an immigrant.

      I think you have no idea what you are talking about. Looks like you are one of those need to put a brake on your expressions before you put your brain in-gear !!

      1. You see lot of those in MDN. They do have mental constipation while they have oral diarrhea !!

        Some others should be in politics or political commentators. MDN is not for political opinions or debate.

          1. People feel sorry for your ignorance. My statement was directed in general not particularly you. We all need to reduce our ignorance. Includes you and me.

            TowerTone…What is your real name. Your Social Security card says something else.

            1. What is in a name? If I were to give my Christian name and Devil number, would you be able to relate it to all the statements made to this veil? I could easily make an alias for each comment, but I keep a consistent handle for others to relate to, which is all a name is good for. You, on the other hand, run from past positions.

              Also, you have no depth to judge my ignorance or the number who feel sorry for it. I would venture to guess that they feel more sorrow for all those scammed into believing doctors, patients and the medical system would be better served by the dreams of the plied-pipers on the left.

              Also, to recap your statements and end any doubt about your intellect, I leave you with these-
              “I think you have no idea what you are talking about”
              “My statement was directed in general not particularly you”

              Yes, I believe in your mind people feel sorry for me,
              but in reality it is for having to slow myself to deal with intellects as low as yours….

          2. “’MDN is not for political opinions or debate.’
            That’s just your opinion.”

            Uhh, no. It’s simple grammar and logic… the meaning of basic English words, as in “Mac Daily News”

            “and, Hey, no one cares…”

            About your raving reactions about fantasy future problems — y’ got that right.

      2. “No one can practice medicine in USA unless they are citizen or an immigrant.”

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        You have no clue what I am speaking about and yet you couldn’t
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        1. TT, you are trying so hard to come across as clever and intellectual, but the sad reality is that little of what you are saying makes any real sense.
          They’re just words arranged in a way to look clever, with no content.
          What’s that quote: “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

          1. Actually, it’s pretty easy to understand to most.

            The rush of illegal immigrants that will happen after Obama declares amnesty will couple with his failed healthcare system and overwhelm many medical practices who will be forced to take ObamaCare over other insurance because that is what most of the area’s population will have.

            It doesn’t pay enough or fast enough to maintain the way many practices are run today.

            I hope these words were put in simple enough order for you to understand (I typed ’em real slow like fer ya’…)

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