Preorders: Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus selling out, both models already at 3-4 weeks shipping

“The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch has not been smooth, to say the least,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Many people are still unable to access the Apple Online Store to purchase Apple’s newest devices. Despite availability issues, many models are already selling out. Carrier websites are the first to be affected, naturally, as they always get less supply than Apple itself.”

“Worldwide, reports show that Germany has already sold out of its initial stock and many UK carrier stores have sold out completely,” May reports. “All models of the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus are now quoting 3-4 weeks shipping.”

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  1. I finally got on the Apple Store app at 3:15 EDT. All stock unavailable for ‘upgrade this phone’ until I tried ‘upgrade another line’. That worked perfectly. 6+ 128 Gray VzW at 3:45 for 9/19. Confo email 10 minutes later.

    I suspect stock of 6+ was a lot less based on quick sellout of 9/19 delivery.

  2. I am a night owl and logged in to both the Apple and ATT websites (2AM Central). ATT let me in but crashed at checkout, leaving me to refresh the screen and wait about 90 minutes until the webpage let me in. The Apple site continually said we are updating and I have no idea when it would have been available.

    The confirmation email did not come until 3-4 hours later- unlike the usual almost instantaneous email one usually gets. 19th for a Space Gray 16 GB iPhone 6.

    1. Based on observation. Apple is not performing “First Come First Serve” sales. What I am witnessing is batch release. After a batch sells out, you will see pushed out deliveries. Then sometime later you will see 9/19 deliveries again, wash and repeat.

      This maybe a part of their staggered delivery approach, so that all the good stuff doesn’t become unavailable in the first hours. Regular people still have a chance.

      Another possibility, is a phone automatically get’s reserved as the session starts. That reserved phone becomes available again if the session times out or the order is cancelled. I have seen people order multiple phones, because they didn’t get their “confirmation” quick enough, not sure if the order took.

  3. Models still available through the apple app. Mostly Att available in the a smaller model. Plus model is delayed 3/4 weeks for most carriers. Verizon seems to have more models with delivery dates pushed back.

  4. Big. Stinking. Mess. This is Apple’s mess, can the guy at top.

    Two years ago, 5 processed within 5 minutes of launch. Year ago, Mini Retina took about the same. This year, @ 2:01Apple sites never opened up. Tried ATT about 2:45a and got the + 64g at 14-21 days out, confirmed.

    As stated before, Apple drove people to this model by eliminating 32g, which should have been entry this year.


  5. I had to make two orders.. me and another family member.

    Started off going to AT&T’s site at 11:55, logged in and proceeded to complete the family members order before midnight…
    Email verification was received and it does show ordered for them.

    My order… took a while but it went through. (i think)
    no email sent until almost 2 am.
    at 5am I get a “Fraud Alert” on my CC wanting me to verify the purchase, followed by an email from AT&T saying they can’t complete the order.. due to my CC. (email said i have 7 days to correct the order)

    Wake up at 6am and approve the charge, go to AT&T’s order page and it does show ordered.. still no 2nd email from AT&T saying that it is complete, and so far my CC has not been recharged.. Going to have to call AT&T later to verify I do in fact have a 128gb iPhone 6 on the way.

    Apple’s store was down the entire time.

  6. Ordered at 7:50 CDT this AM at Apple’s site, no issues, took 5 minutes.. iPhone 6-64, SG. Confirm emails, show 9-19, though we’ll see if that changes as the days go by.

  7. I arose this morning at my regular time, made my coffee, opened my browser to Apple Store site and ordered my gold iPhone6 128Gb without issue. I immediately received notification that it scheduled to be delivered by 9/19/14. Best ordering experience I have had with new iPhones.
    Can’t wait!

    1. I couldn’t get into the Apple store at all last night.
      Gave up, went to bed.
      Got up, checked the store at 1pm.
      Ordered contract free tmobile space grey 128gb iPhone 6, delivery on 09/19.

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