Amped on iPhone, T-Mobile adds 2.7 million customers in August, breaks company record

“T-Mobile US added 2.75 million customers in August, the largest number of monthly subscriber additions in its history, the carrier announced at a company event on Wednesday,” Marina Lopes reports for Reuters. “Led by quirky Chief Executive John Legere, the third-largest wireless operator in the U.S. has turned around years of subscriber losses through aggressive promotions in the past year and a half.”

“The company also announced that it will enable its phones to allow customers to seamlessly be transferred onto WiFi networks where its network doesn’t reach,” Lopes reports. “Current subscribers can trade in their devices for phones enabled with Wifi connectivity when they sign up for the company’s early upgrade program. The carrier is also offering a free personal CellSpot site customers can place wherever they lack coverage.”

“The move comes the day after Apple Inc. announced it will release an iPhone programmed with technology to allow automatic shifts between WiFi and carrier networks,” Lopes reports. “‘Apple’s announcement set the road map for this,’ said Legere at the event. ‘It gives us the option to turn the wireless industry on its head starting with trashing the old rules about where cellular ends and WiFi begins,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Letting people try Apple’s revolutionary 64-bit, Touch ID-enabled iPhone 5s free for a week was a genius move by Legere. As iPhone 5s owners know, once you touch one, you can’t let go!*

*Until September 19th, that is. 😉

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  1. Except 6 hours into the iPhone 6 pre order current T-Mobile users are still unable to use their jump upgrades to pre order an iPhone. 6 straight hours of refreshing…..

      1. Have to use jump so I can trade in my piece of shit Note 3, can only do that on their website or in the stores. The stores wont open for another three hours out here

          1. Finally at 9 AM, 9 hours of refreshing tmobile’s jump page, it finally went through. If the conformation page is correct Ill have a brand new Gold iPhone 6 Plus arriving at my door on the 22nd, with a galaxy note 3 leaving in box never to be seen again!

  2. Innovation is in the eyes of the beholder…or the perceptive.

    This is just another of many small examples of continuing innovation (some would call it evolution) in the Apple ecosystem. Apple is innovating…by making their integrated ecosystem more useful to their users/customers. More “it just works” and more “sticky”. Apple is pursuing a new type of business model, that by integration (control of all components)…is almost impossible for competitors to deliver. Handoff and continuity are here.

  3. Geez. The demand is expected to be large but it also looks to be overwhelming. How fast will Apple run out of their initial order of new iPhone 6’s I wonder before delivery starts going weeks out? This is such a new game changer. I only wish we had a camera to record the aghast and forlorn looks on the faces of Android phone & Google CEO’s in the weeks ahead as more and more people abandon their old POS Android phones. “This will be a day long remembered.” Heh.

  4. Now aren’t you glad the Feds told AT&T that they could not swallow up T-Mobile? Deutsche Telecom AG- owner of T-Mobile – was ready to take AT&T’s cash. The Feds said the deal was anti-competitive and what has happened since could have happened a long time ago.

    T-Mobile has disrupted the status quo and changed the game in the US. None of this would have happened without regulatory oversight. Remember that the next time a pundit or politician bitches about regulation. It can work for the good when done right.

    1. Exactly right. I was thinking the same thing. This blog lit up about how the FTC was blocking the free market when it block AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile, blah, blah, blah. I just ordered my iPhone 6 and will switch from AT&T to T-Mobile. The deal clincher was that you don’t pay for data or texts in Europe, and only $0.20 per phone call. After paying almost $500 to AT&T during my two weeks in Europe this summer, it’s good riddance. Thankfully, T-Mobile wasn’t acquired. Now they’re growing, and with their pricing, will start to each AT&T’s lunch. The FTC got this one right.

    2. IMHO, there are tons more examples of govt doing it wrong than doing it right. it’s record of embracing competition and eliminating monopolies is piss poor.

      Sorry, I can’t give you tons of examples but energy, cable, and education are some that are big fails.

      1. So what? Government does poorly at every turn, but it pursues the goals of the people (as in “We, the People…”). Business pursues the goals of the business, with little regard for the needs of the Nation. That we should seek better government is without question, but to seek no government is just goofy.

    3. “It can work for the good when done right”

      Sadly, FTC was forced to rejecting the deal by the competition (Sprint was specially motivated to stop the deal). FTC similar to FDA could not care less for the people they are there to protect the companies. Any and all appearance of them working for the people is marketing doing its job.

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