Apple Watch is secure; safe from loss, thieves

“An Apple staffer at the hands-on demo told me how the watch will be protected against fraud,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac.

“The device can tell when it’s being worn and when it has been taken off. When you first put the watch on, you must enter a code,” Kahney reports. “When the watch is removed from your wrist, the watch locks itself and can’t be used for payments unless the code is entered again.”

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  1. Give me your Apple Watch and give me your code number or I beat the crap out of you.

    Seriously though, why isn’t some type of biometric identification built into the Apple Watch so it is tied to only the owner. No code, no log in, just senses biometrical’ly you are the owner.

      1. I’m not an export. But Apple has hired a lot of experts.

        Is there an uniqueness in the sounds of blood flowing through our veins and arteries? Is there a way to “see” a pattern in the layout of the veins and arteries under our skin?

        No idea. But there are smarter people out there who are very creative in finding solutions.

    1. Yeah, a “distress code”.
      Unlocks the device but calls the authorities.
      Or discharges the batteries through the case in a sort of “Taser-mode”, after a minute.
      I do wonder how AAPL is going to protect their Stores esp. once the “Edition” watches hit their shelves.
      These are worth thousands a piece. Well, OK, they cost thousands – but you get the point…
      Here in Zurich, Switzerland, the Apple Store is next to shops selling jewelry, watches worth millions and after a couple of cars were driven through the store-fronts, they are now fortified like bank-vaults.
      The Apple Store, OTOH, is _pure_ glass,

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