What’s Tim cooking up? Uses same venue Steve Jobs reserved for unveiling the Macintosh and iMac

“The 1998 debut of the Bondi Blue iMac at Cupertino’s Flint Center marked the beginning of a golden era at Apple and the return of Steve Jobs,” Dawn Chmielewski writes for Re/code. “On Tuesday, Tim Cook, who took over Apple from Jobs in 2011, will seek to establish his own legacy on the same stage when he introduces the new iPhones — and one more thing.”

“Cook is expected to lead the maker of computers, tablets, music players and smartphones into its first major new product category in four years — wearable computing,” Chmielewski writes. “As we’ve reported, the new iPhones will also incorporate mobile payments — allowing shoppers to replace cash or credit cards with a wave or tap of your phone at checkout terminals. It could also end up being one of the more important new products for Apple if payments becomes a recurring revenue source.”

Chmielewski writes, “Apple’s new wearable device — which some have dubbed the iWatch — is believed to similarly capitalize on these features, though the device won’t ship until next year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Although this may seem to be an impossibility, the stupidwatches that are currently on the market are all going to look even more stupid tomorrow.

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        1. There are so many form factors that could be done. A smart watch/phone big enough to cover the back of my hand would be great. I.e. a square iPhone that doesn’t need to be carried, is always out and senses hand motions for gesture control of other devices like AppleTVs. Lot of other possible form factors.

          Also, the Autoblow2 looks like a clunky device with a suboptimal experience. Reviews say it cannot be charged, its noisy and it doesn’t have apps. People have been trying to crack this market for years, but it isn’t going mainstream until Apple does it right. (jk! Indiegogo marketing videos are a hoot.)

  1. This speculation is somewhat silly. It’s more than likely that the parts leaks are accurate. They have been for the last few years, I am hoping, however, they catch us off guard again (like Swift) and wow the audience with something. They don’t have to, but it would be nice.

    As for an actual iWatch, that concept doesn’t sound exciting to me. IF that’s what is to be released, I hope they made it worth it. Even Apple cannot get me to buy a watch if it needs to be recharged every 24 hours or less…

  2. two things i’m hoping for.

    1. i hope keynote is much longer than the usual 2 hrs.
    2. i hope this watch device can also be taken off its band and worn around my neck via a lanyard

    1. You mean like a current HDTV but with an updated AppleTV?

      Its hard to see how Apple could sell its own TVs with integrated electronics when people can’t afford to update their TV every year or two, but AppleTV is significantly updated at that rate. But maybe they would include a replaceable processor.

      I still don’t see this approach working. Let the actual screen makers compete themselves into the profit ground and sell high margin TV controller as they do now makes more sense.

        1. That’s a good idea, but I can’t see TV makers intentionally making themselves Apple’s minions like that, or Apple becoming a supplier for OEMs, which is not consistent with their direct-to-consumer focus.

  3. I am a huge Apple fan. However, I worry about not the message but the messenger. Can Tim energize the faithful for the new wearable device? Can you imagine Tim giving the Keynote that SJ gave for the first iPhone? That was SJ’s greatest keynote ever.

    1. Would be pretty damn cool if, for once, Ive introduced a product. And with it being one that Steve Jobs would have loved — and heavily utilized with his cancer battle — it could spark the emotional connection to the product that SJ would have evoked. Then again, given the right product and gravity, Tim Cook might just surprise the hell out of all of us and deliver.

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