Simple, secure mobile payments could make Apple products even more essential

“Investors are nervously awaiting the Sept. 9 event Apple will be hosting,” Ryan Jones writes for Seeking Alpha. “While rumors suggest that the products unveiled at this event could be significant, AAPL has lost 3.4% just this past week, with investors taking profits and fearing that expectations may not be met.”

“While the web is buzzing with rumors of the new iPhone 6 and or multiple iPhone 6 varieties with larger screens, there’s a lot for investors to be excited about besides their feature product,” Jones writes. “Apple’s successes are usually synergistic, explaining why their product categories continue to keep their premium pricing and avoid commoditization. Buying into the Apple ecosystem allows customers to do more as adding iProducts increases overall value to each of the individual products.”

“his synergy is a lot of why Apple doesn’t need to be first to market with new product categories in order to eventually dominate (at least with respect to profits) that category. It also explains why expectations are so high for an Apple wearable device, which colloquially has come to be known as the iWatch,” Jones writes. “An iWatch has the potential to leverage existing capabilities built into other iOS devices, while finally making sense of some that are clunky on devices that reside in pockets or a bag most of the time.”

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  1. This cycle appears to be unique, and I would be interested to see what historical details others can provide:
    – The stock has declined AFTER the event in the past. This cycle has the stock appreciably declining BEFORE the event
    – The decline last week, IMO, was a coordinated attack to lower the price of the stock. Look carefully at the stock volumes, they are very high, and on some days exceeding the average daily volume. Such large stock volumes with <1% stock movements stink of manipulation
    – Let's assume for moment that critical rumors are true. Two new phones, new wearable(s), payment solution, and a release of phones Sept 19th. Apple will need to revise 4th quarter numbers (up) and will experience a larger 1st quarter. It is extremely illogical that the stock would decline when it is CLEAR that the revenues and profits will go up.

    Serious manipulation, and I suspect it is being aided by those who have a substantial amount to lose by Apple's announcements.

    1. There’s no proof of manipulation. Hargreaves simply told investors to sell Apple ahead of the event and those chickens did. Nobody put a gun to their heads. I’m guessing they’re scared and don’t want to be left standing when and if the music stops.

      There’s always a constant buzz about loss of iPhone subsidies in China. It’s rehashed constantly and I’m sure investors get spooked over it. It’s possibly just the news media looking for controversy. It’s funny because you don’t hear this type of FUD running for Google, Netflix or Tesla or even Microsoft. They seem impervious to media damage and nothing seems to affect their share prices.

      Considering how solid Apple’s fundamentals are Apple seems to be a very vulnerable target for emotional share dumping. The news media loves pimping Apple for attention and are a fairly ungrateful bunch. I always wonder about who those are that have a substantial amount of lose by Apple’s announcements. Samsung? Microsoft? Google? Do they have the power of the press on their side and Apple doesn’t?

      I might be looking for conspiracy that doesn’t exist. Apple is doing OK, not great but definitely OK. Maybe I’m asking for too much from a company that’s already wealthy beyond measure. It’s possible it doesn’t abide by the laws of less wealthier companies. If Apple’s share price falls tomorrow then so be it. We’ll never know the exact reason. Maybe it’s just an self-fulfilling post-event habit by now.

    2. Maybe those who have a substantial amount to lose by Apple’s announcements want to make it up by profiting on AAPL?! If you can make a better return on AAPL than it plowing the money back into your own business, then SIDAGTMBTTS!

      Just joking. I do not worry about these short term fluctuations in AAPL. Heck, it was not all that long ago that AAPL dropped to under $80 (about $12 split-adjusted). Buy when you can and sell when you must. AAPL is still within spitting distance of its all-time high. If the recent 3.4% decline gave you heartburn, then investing in individual stocks is not for you. You might be an income mutual fund kind of person.

      1. The “you” is generic, not intended to point to the people above or anyone in particular. My point was simply that stock prices fluctuate and if that gives you ulcers, then a different investment strategy might be in order.

    1. The timing of the nude photo release was specifically timed to inflict specific damage, and you immediately lose credibility by parroting information that has been reviewed and clarified

    2. It is not the Bank’s (Apple’s) fault that their safty deposit boxes are not safe.
      It is the people who have the key, who neglect to either keep it safe from stealing or use a dud key just like the one used to open the bathroom door, if it gets locked in.
      Don’t blame the Bank for your foolishness.

      1. Right, nobody broke into the bank or exploded the room to get into the safety deposit box.

        They used your loose key to get in.

        Bank is safe from robbers, but your own negligence caused all the problems.

        I agree.

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