September 9th showtime for Apple: Big phones, smart watches and high expectations

“It has been four years since Apple Inc introduced a completely new gadget and the pressure is on for the world’s largest tech company to wow at its ‘special event’ in Cupertino, California, on Tuesday,” Christina Farr, Alexei Oreskovic and Noel Randewich report for Reuters. “Apple has fed the high expectations, with promises by executives that the company’s best product pipeline in 25 years is being readied inside its secretive facilities. That’s a high bar for a company whose hits include the modern, graphic-based personal computer, the smartphone, the iPod and the tablet PC.”

“Those now ubiquitous gadgets were created under the innovative and famously meticulous eye of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011,” Farr, Oreskovic and Randewich report. “When Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook takes the stage on Tuesday, technology aficionados, investors and rivals will be watching closely to see whether Jobs’ handpicked successor inherited the magic touch or whether Apple’s winning streak is coming to an end.”

“Apple’s Jobs was famous for surprising fans with unexpected products at the end of his presentations,” Farr, Oreskovic and Randewich report. “Could Cook preserve the tradition with a peek at a long-awaited Apple television, a rumored bigger iPad or a completely unexpected product?”

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  1. No matter what the product is, Apple as are all tech companies has a short shelf life when it comes to new toys. This is not 2007 and Google and MSFT are as leading edge as Apple is these days. Lot’s of reciprocal copying and some pretty crazy proprietary innovations which is nearing the point of needing a transporter type feature as the balance is simple evolution.

    1. You are kidding, right?
      What has Microsoft or Google innovated ( as in real products int he market place and not some hypothetical, concept-car type idea that is shown every year in the Detroit auto show)????
      Without Apple leading the way what would personal computers look like without the mouse? or the smart phone? or the tablet?
      Get outta here with your inane comments

      1. Actually… he has some merit. Technology, in and of itself, isn’t a lasting proposition. This is why Apple is trying to break out of its category into a much longer-lasting and lucrative market. Luxury. Not many brands actually make that transition. The few that do are usually first in their respective industries.

        Apple knows this.

        I fear that Apple will go more luxury and less affordable luxury, but that seems to be the direction. Then again, they may end up in the mechanical mass-scale luxury camp… like BMW and Mercedes (as opposed to Ferrari and Bugatti). Affordable to many, but not most.

        1. Transition? Where have you been since the 1980s. Because they have always been in those sectors. Indeed the problems began when they tried to transition to compete in a more generic market all those years back.

    2. Quite a few pundits denegrate Apple by using the “copy” ploy and intentionally put Apple’s inventions, developments and innovations into the “Nothing really new created here” concept. Apple, Under SJ and even now is as much about what one says “no” to as to what is included. Apple’s are leading edge. Who else has a 64 bit? Who else makes a phone to which even major blogging tech pundits admits doesn’t come close to the iPhone in quality.

      Grouping ALL phones under the heading of incremental build (on each other’s innovation) in order to castigate the leader shows totaly bias. Some people cannot come to grips with true leadership.

  2. To add to my comment, I would not be surprised if they come up with: “And one more thing”. This venue that they are presenting this has a lot of history for Apple.

  3. Many of those who have not been following the rumors will be wowed. But those of us who know what to expect will simply be happy that the rumors were true.

    My prediction: no iPad Pro and no new Apple TV (sadly). But the iPhone 6, iWatch and next gen iPads is good enough for me…

    What I love about Apple is that they (usually) only present a new product when it’s ripe (as unripe fruit tastes terrible). Other companies rush products and release betas. Not Apple. I hope they continue to take as much time as they need to fully ripen their fruit.

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