ABC News’ David Muir to host special with exclusive access to Apple’s ‘historic’ announcement

“ABC News has posted a new video teasing an exclusive look at Apple’s ‘historic’ announcement tomorrow,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“The special will air on ABC at 6:30 PM and will be hosted by David Muir,” Beasley reports, “who the network says is the only network television anchor with an invitation to the press event.”

Beasley reports, “It’s quite possible that Muir will sit down with an executive such as CEO Tim Cook to discuss the event and the impact it will have on Apple’s future.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz,” “Dan K.,” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


        1. Youd be surprised the things that people take seriously on MSN. Without that /s, I could’ve come back to a three paragraph essay explaining to me why net books are awful.

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    1. What I would expect/like to see tonight;

      1) New 4K Apple Cinema Displays up to 50″
      2) Apple TV with desktop class processors and graphics & AppStore
      3) iWatch
      4) iPhone 6
      5) iPad
      6) New Mac lineup
      7) Presentation of how they will all work seamlessly together through iCloud.

        1. ABC is owned by Disney. Disney’s CEO is on the Apple BOD. Mrs. Jobs is the largest single stock holder in Disney. Disney has the content, and Apple has the delivery hardware. Only the cable/satellite companies stand in their way when it comes to taking over the entertainment industry. It’s a good match.

  1. Tim Cook, getting out in front of the third party hype machine with some chops of his own. Changing the face of Apple PR with a shocking advance exclusive. Blessing one network, ABC, and making the others green. Not waiting for backlash but salting the tail. Freeing himself from Jobs’s shadow.

        1. He meant to imply that ABC is one of the stronger relationships that Apple has with the big content providers given the sale of Steve Jobs’ Pixar to them, so it makes sense that they’d give them an exlusive

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          No doubt this post will be lost due within all the “noise” created by the exciting news from Apple, in a few hours time.

          Can’t wait.

      1. The ‘surprise’ is that Apple continues to stray from the Jobs playbook after adhering to it for more than two years. And that playbook had been treated like holy writ by naysayers and sceptics as readily as by the faithful.

        Change is good.

        1. Also, Apple is scrutinised like nobody else. The slightest deviation from pattern spawns a froth of reports, which engender yet more again – this one, however, is flavoured differently, being just a smidgen ahead of the event itself.

        2. That would be 2014-2016.

          And the only ones that lost it years ago were voting for change.

          Too bad they did not realize CHANGE comes in flavors: positive and negative. I’ll leave it up to critical thinking readers to decide the outcome.

        3. Agree most heartily, and I think Tim Cook has been patiently waiting for this moment to arrive. Not sure Tim could have made a major change so quickly, it would have spooked all of the shareholders / customers. If you think about this, it really is all very well timed, exactly like the operational master TC is.

  2. Historic is a very, very, very strong word. There are only about 100 products or events surrounding products which are deemed historic. The iPhone was historic, the invention of the wheel was historic, the printing press, lightbulb, transistor, air conditioner, combustion engine, plane, rocket, car, personal computer, etc. all historic. Either ABC is using the word too loosely or we are in for a huge surprise.

      1. History means anything White or European. There are many that still believe that American history began at 1492…even though there were ENTIRE NATIONS that were here for 10.000 years! WAKE UP!

        1. I did mention the wheel and rocket which are both “non-western” product inventions and pre 1492. It was unecessary to list every historical product, hence the etc.

        2. I think you’re lost. You should be in the living in the past and making excuses for being a lifeless loser forum. This is a forum for discussions about Mac products.

  3. Here are three things that don’t belong in the same sentence-
    1) ABC
    2) News
    3) Dave Muir

    If his show were a radio station, it would be ‘easy listening’.
    Yes, it is the ‘soft rock and mellow sounds of the 80s’ up against Bret Baier’s “All Led Zep, Al the F*ckin Time” or Scott Pelley’s “Hair Bands at Eight”.

    Then, of course, there is always PBS with “Hours of ABBA” or NBC’s “Vanilla Ice Rap Wannabe, Beech!” versions, too…..

      1. Whoever said ABBA was bad?
        (everybody wants to be a Dancing Queen!!!)
        I’m using a correlation between hard news/hard rock.

        And BTW, they all beat MSNBC’s Gleichschaltung static over there on the AM….

  4. I think people overestimate the seriousness of network television news. Apple releasing a new phone by itself would be enough for a network to want to glom on to the hype and fanfare. That said, one could use Healthkit alone as an angle for a story on the increased relevance of computers in our lifestyle.

  5. Let’s face it, network news does an incredible job of framing stories for an older demographic. Any topic they cover is given an almost biblical spin and done as well as any tv drama or movie.
    Perhaps it is the health angle for the older crowd.

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