Clueless rivals wait for Apple to define wearables

“Know what a ‘Wearable’ is? Most top tech executives would struggle to define it. Now they’re hoping that Apple will do it for them,” Jens Hack and Eric Auchard report for Reuters. “Next week, Apple Inc is expected to stride into the market for wearable accessories that link wirelessly up to phones and create a template for other firms that have struggled to create products consumers would want to be seen in.”

“Rival electronics makers have been marketing hundreds of wearable products over the past year, but have little to show for it in sales despite huge hype,” Hack and Auchard report. “Executives at Europe’s big consumer electronics trade fair this week in Berlin readily admit to hoping that Apple can crack the missing code for everyone. Where the U.S. innovator leads, its rivals plan to follow by bringing their own improvements or by seeking out profitable niche markets that Apple ignores. ‘If Apple offers its own product, it will expand the market,’ Sung-jin Lee, Director of LG Electronics Inc’s watch product planning team, said in an interview. ‘This is what we wanted,’ Sunny Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics’ European business told Reuters when asked about Apple’s likely debut.”

Apple’s arrival promises to bring fashion sense and sleek design to a market that so far has emphasized the technology inside their products rather than its outward usability or aesthetics, noted mobile analyst Ben Wood of market research firm CCS Insight,” Hack and Auchard report. “‘We are in the Stone Age of wearables right now,’ said Wood – a self-confessed wearables geek who has 15 such devices strewn on the floor of his office.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Stone Age of Wearables ends soon.

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  1. I literally don’t even look at these other products. Moto 360, who cares? Junk. Galaxy Gear? Junk. There will be a pre-iWatch era and a post-iWatch era. Once again the tech industry has demonstrated that they’re completely clueless without guidance from Apple.

  2. So many questions with not-obvious answers…

    Square or round?

    Thick for battery or thin for looks?

    Expensive Liquidmetal for cache or aluminum?

    Leather, synthetic, or metal band?

    How many versions for looks and personalization?

    Wide or narrow? Futuristic-looking or skeudomorphismistic? $499? $399? $299? $249?

    Requires iPhone to be really useful or is still powerful when standing alone?

    Fully fleshed out, or just cool enough to draw people in, but missing obvious features priming people for version 2?

    Strong enough to sell well for 12 months, or something that will be updated twice a year with frequent new versions?

    OS replicating/echoing what people use a smartphone for, or a totally different philosophy on the OS/usage case, making it it’s own thing?

    A clear bet the farm effort, or a safe effort, testing the waters?

  3. The “Fast Followers” are revving their engines, comforted by the Koh’s of the legal system. The international technology R&D department, otherwise known as Apple, is about to deliver the “next big thing for everyone”, by their own admissions.

  4. the iWatch is going to be impossibly thin and take years to copy – apple is inventing the form factor and the copycats may not be able to duplicate apple’s manufacturing process.

  5. I have an acquaintance who is an Andriod guy. A commercial came on showing that Samsung watch like six months ago. He says, “Damn that’s sweet. Somebody had to do it first.” He’d obviously heard the rumors of an Apple watch, but his statement left me confused. Almost like he was taking mental note that Samsung had made a watch, so no matter what Apple ships, he’ll be able to say Samsung was first. And he was oblivious to the fact that that Samsung watch didn’t seem to do anything useful. At least, nothing that the average Joe couldn’t think of in five minutes.

  6. ” ‘This is what we wanted,’ Sunny Lee, CEO of Samsung Electronics’ European business told Reuters when asked about Apple’s likely debut.”

    In other words… We are out of ideas and need Apple to design something that sells so we can copy it and ride on Apple’s R&D.

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