How to get Apple’s new iPhone 6 for free

“Apple is expected to unveil details of the new iPhone 6 at an event on Sept. 9. Resale sites have reported a surge in trade-ins of old iPhones ahead of the announcement,” Quentin Fottrell writes for MarketWatch. “Though prices offered for trade-ins will start dropping closer to the big day, consumers can still lock in high enough prices to break even — or earn a profit — by trading in their old gadget and upgrading to a new phone.”

“The resale market became more lucrative for consumers with the added competition last year after Apple and Wal-Mart entered,” Fottrell writes. “Gazelle offers up to $300 for a 16-gigabye iPhone 5S and $185 for a 5. NextWorth offers around $294 for the 5S and $185 for the 5. Wal-Mart gives $275 for the iPhone 5S and $166 for the 5. For gift cards only, Amazon will give you $394 for a 5S and $255 for a 5, while Apple will give you $225 for an iPhone 5.”

“Analysts predict that the new iPhone 6 will come in two screen sizes — 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in width (versus 4 inches currently),” Fottrell writes. “The trade-in value for older phones will fall around 20% after the new iPhone is announced, resale companies say.”

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  1. The perpetuation of the carriers’ PR falsehood — a $200 iPhone. Just like that $400 new car… Lets everyone conveniently forget about that two-year installment plan that pays for the actual price of the phone.

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