iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program popularity swamping Apple Retail Stores

“On August 22, Apple rolled out an iPhone 5 battery replacement program for qualifying iPhone 5’s,” Mark Reschke reports for TGAAP. “Any iPhone 5 purchased between September 2013 through January 2014 may be eligible.”

“Many stores had lines the day after the program was launched, as word spread through social media like wildfire. NOTE: My iPhone 5 qualified and I am around number 200 in the request queue, with an estimated wait time of around two weeks,” Reschke reports. “T-GAAP checked west coast Apple retail locations, and from Los Angeles, CA, to Portland, OR, stores are backed up with iPhone 5 customers waiting for batteries to arrive.”

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MacDailyNews Note: If your iPhone 5 is in working order and exhibits shorter battery life or needs to be charged more frequently than normal, use Apple’s serial number checker to see if it is eligible for this program here.

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  1. Just had mine done. Had to wait 2 hours but the line wasn’t long at the store I went to. Pretty painless. Found it really funny that Microsoft is putting in a store right across the hall. This mall isn’t exactly swarming with people but I guess they can’t resist setting up across from the Apple Store.

  2. Got mine replaced before this was even announced, it fell within the range, and the battery life had become so so bad that I could barely get a few hours out of it.

    Fair play to them for testing and fixing it within half an hour of me going in (though then again, as it’s still under EU warranty, I’d expect nothing less…)

  3. Oddly enough, my phone suddenly started to shut down with around 45% battery charge last Saturday, and I saw the recall notice either Saturday or Sunday.
    The UK recall went live yesterday, and I’m booked in late Monday afternoon.
    It’ll keep it going nicely until I replace it with a 5.5″ iP6 early next year. 😊

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