Lawsuit reveals details of Apple Retail Store staff workdays

“In the legal battle over whether Apple has denied its retail store employees their breaks, a picture is emerging of the individual store personalities in California, along with photos of the some of the chain’s largest and most amusement-filled break rooms,” Gary Allen reports of ifoAppleStore.

“In written declarations by store employees, store visitors were described as ‘upper class,’ ‘very demanding’ and ‘laid back,’ and employees at the Palo Alto store said they had to stay on their toes for potential visits from headquarters staff,” Allen reports. “The lawsuit by former and current California store employees was filed in 2011 and was just recently certified for class-action status.”

“In thousands of pages of legal documents filed with the court, Apple presented the declarations of current store staffers, who swore the company rigorously follows California’s labor code to make sure each employee receives their required rest and meal breaks,” Allen reports. “In those declarations, supervisors frequently profiled their stores, and provided staffing, visitor and revenue information. In another set of documents, Apple itself provided the court with photos showing rarely-seen views of store break rooms, some equipped with healthy-food vending machines.”

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  1. I worked at Apple retail for 2 years pt and they were adamant about me taking my breaks. During the holidays when we were stupid busy I would skip my breaks on my own. If the managers found out they would scold me. I am not saying these folks don’t have a grievance I’m just saying my experience is the exact opposite.

      1. There are plenty of full-time employees: Geniuses, Creatives, Experts, Specialists, Genius Admins, HR Admins.

        Random but unrelated tidbit, the Store Leader is the only salaried employee in the store. Everyone else has to clock in and out, and has no access to their apple email outside the store.

    1. I worked as a full-time retail store employee for Apple … and we had to take our breaks … choosing either the store’s break room or else outside in the mall in which the store was.
      The store’s atmosphere was casual and laid back and managers were great.
      Even though we dealt with a good number of “upper class” customers, they were very friendly and, for but one or two very rare exceptions, did not treat us in any negative manner or with no respect.
      Maybe it’s just that one California store?

  2. Worked Apple retail for six years. Breaks were alway adhered to religiously. It’s boring retail work, but it isn’t what most mall employees have to deal with.

  3. They’re all a bunch of whiners. So what they didn’t get some of of their breaks. Boo hoo! I worked at an Apple store for several years. I got my breaks, but I didn’t really want them most of the time. I guess I was just a better worker, and not a wuss. This lawsuit was bullshit the moment it was filed.

    1. If the allegations in the lawsuit are true, they’re not bullshit just because you say so. Breaks are REQUIRED in California, It’s in California labor law. Not all states require breaks. New Jersey doesn’t, for instance. However the Apple Store in NJ where I worked followed California law, so breaks were always put on the schedule.

      1. No. It’s bullshit. Just another bunch of shyster bottom feeding lawyers trying to milk money out of Apple. If they win, the lawyers will get far more than each of the individual Apple employees involved. Big flippin’ deal they didn’t get their breaks. Life is hard sometimes. Maybe this an opportunity for these people to grow up, but instead, they’re only interested in whining and turning a simple HR matter into a big scandal. The former employees really have no stake in this anyway. They’re gone already. What’s the use?

  4. I’m willing to bet Apple Store jobs are just like other jobs. There’s good bosses and bad bosses. Real gem good bosses, and total dried scum bad bosses are everywhere. That’s called “life.” Deal with it. If your job sucks, go get another one. It’s not that complicated.

  5. This is how it works. There’s one crappy employee who the manager is holding to standards of conduct and to the rules. That crapy employee, at one of the stores, files a revenge complaint, ticking off some little detail that most likely could have happen, reality or not. Then bad employees at other stores get a whiff and want a me too, class action.

    There are bad employees out there, and they like to game the system. It doesn’t help, that there are also bad managers out there, some don’t do anything and bad employees get away with it, some are tyrants. Things come to a head when a good manager comes in and starts making the bad apples work.

    Everyone looses in the end.

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