iPhone 6 rumors: Specs, sizes, camera, display

“Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c launch marked some noteworthy firsts for the company. It was the first time Apple offered two new handsets at the same time, and it’s also the only time we’ve seen so many color choices, including gold. More important, the iPhone 5s became the world’s first smartphone capable of 64-bit computing,” Michael Andronico reports for LAPTOP. “Apple’s next major release, likely to be called the iPhone 6, promises to to be bigger and better. From a larger phablet-sized display to new camera features, here’s a roundup of all of the most believable rumors so far.”

“The iPhone 6 is slated to become Apple’s biggest iPhone ever, and could come in two distinct flavors. Most rumors are pointing to a 4.7-inch variation that would bring the iPhone closer in size to competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8,” Andronico reports. “There’s also a purported 5.5-inch phablet style iPhone in the pipeline, for users who want a super-sized iPhone.”

“Luxury smartphone reseller Feld & Volk claims to have recently gotten its hands on a fully assembled iPhone 6,” Andronico reports. “The company posted a few pictures of the smartphone’s purported body, showing off a device that has slimmer and curvier edges than any iPhone we’ve seen thus far.”

Left to right: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 (4.7-inch), iPhone 6 (5.7-inch), iPad mini (7.9-inch) via MacRumors
Left to right: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 (4.7-inch), iPhone 6 (5.7-inch), iPad mini (7.9-inch) via MacRumors

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ben Ancona” for the heads up.]


    1. I agree, I actually prefer the size of the iPhone 4 over the iPhone 5 and actually am not sure I’ll even WANT an iPhone 6 as this rate.

      I used to be able to hold the iPhone 4 in my hand and type like a demon with the same hand. I can’t do that with the iPhone 5 and I clearly will continue to have that issue with a bigger phone.


    1. Nice answer. While I definitely want a ginormous iPhone, I can appreciate the fact that many people would like a smaller iPhone. Apple could end up turning away customers who want a premium/flagship iPhone that happens to be small. Since we’re all here speculating on a rumor, it seems to me that Apple may offer the iPhone 6 in 3 sizes.

      1. And just where is anyone going to find a premium flagship phone smaller than 4.7″. Unless they keep the 5s on sale, which is a possibility, you will not be able to find a smaller “premium flagship” phone. Smaller phones, yes. Android phones, yes. Any phone that will compete with the iPhone? No!

        1. You could’ve said the exact same thing for the past couple of years going the opposite direction in size. Every single person I know who went to Android did so because they wanted a larger phone. If having a small phone is the priority, some number of people will do the exact same thing in moving to Android because they have small hands, wear pants with small pockets, carry small purses, etc…

      2. They could take a note from Samsung maybe.

        Samsung has the Galaxy S series which is your average sized smartphone, and their Galaxy Note series which are phablets. The larger iPhone could be a fork from the main product line, so everyone can get what they prefer.

  1. Things do not necessarily change of the better. Since Jobs passing, I have seen Apple become a little more reactionary and following the trends rather than leading them. What’s next a stylus too…

  2. Not sure about these larger phones. going from the 4s to the 5s was great, I appreciate the size increase, the 4.7 possibility seems borderline, I might want a phone that size. The 5.7 size seems huge. reminds me of when I see someone making a call and their head practically disappears. like some kind of cartoon phone. I do think it is good that they might produce larger phones for those that want it. more sales, better experience for some. choice is good

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