Beleaguered Microsoft still in search of a strategy

“As I watched a TV ad for the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet/notebook, intended to compete with the MacBook Air, I was troubled by the lame attempt to draw important differences between the two,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “While an Apple spot will focus on lifestyle and the things you can accomplish with a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad, Microsoft is hoping a logical appeal, however tenuous, will turn the tide and boost tepid Surface 3 sales.”

“I also recall the first Surface ads, where a single person setting up the tablet was soon surrounded by jumping, dancing, prancing fools with noisy music, evidently hoping your senses would be so overwhelmed that you’d become the fool to buy the thing,” Steinberg writes. “The current Surface ads tout such debatable advantages as the presence of a touchscreen and a stylus when compared to the MacBook Air. At the same time, Microsoft’s contender requires an add-on to get the physical keyboard, and convertible notebooks, those serving both notebook and tablet functions, haven’t done so well in the Windows PC world. Worse, a Surface 3 costs more than any comparable MacBook Air and, in fact, can be optioned up to the point where the price matches some configurations of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.”

Steinberg writes, “Evidently Microsoft still doesn’t get it, and it recalls the statement from Steve Jobs so long ago that the company doesn’t have any taste.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote of Microsoft’s latest CEO, Satya Nadella, back in January:

It’s tough, if not impossible, to deliver the type of change Microsoft needs when you’re a lifer.

And, as we wrote back in February:

Satya Nadella is the wrong choice for Microsoft CEO. 🙂

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    1. MS is too big to manage.

      Shutting down MS would mean breaking it up into divisions and then spin them off as public companies with their own CEOs to set their future courses.

  1. I love how MDN adds “beleaguered” to every story about Microsoft. After all the years of Apple living under the “beleaguered” label, I’m happy to see it happening to Microsoft now. They deserve to be beleaguered. Steve Jobs was right about them. They actually make great enterprise products (for the most part), but their consumer and professional products suck.

  2. I think they should bundle it with a copy of Windoze 8, and a Windoze phone. Imagine bundling 3 loser products together!!! Wha a great incentive to buy! I just keep on coming up with great ideas for the M$ marketing guys. Why can’t they think of these things?! 😊

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