Nintendo bringing Pokemon to Apple’s iPad in trading card form

“The eternal dream of Nintendo showering the smartphone/tablet community with their Pokemon license may still never come to pass, but at least one aspect of the series is heading that direction,” Paul Tassi reports for Forbes. “The Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to iPad, competing with other recent digital card battling games that have found success on the platform like Hearthstone.”

“The quick snapshot of the game comes from Josh Wittenkeller on Twitter, and its existence has been confirmed by an official rep of The Pokemon Company,” Tassi reports. “The new game is being showed off at the World Pokemon Championship this weekend, but there’s no timetable for an official release as of yet. The game already exists on Windows and Mac, but this is the first news of a portable tablet release.”

Tassi writes, “This will inevitably start some new debate about how Nintendo must react to the changing winds and release all their games on the Android and Apple app stores.”

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    1. The Pokemon playing card game was published in the late 90′. The format was pretty much exactly as the iOS game UI layout version.
      I would say that Blizzard found their inspiration from them. Not the other way around.
      To be fair, Blizzard did a great job with their own design. 🙂

  1. Hopefully The Big N will realize there is zero shame in releasing games on the hardware platforms that have obviously won this generation of gaming.
    It’s the decision that almost single handidly saved Sega.

      1. I can’t really play the 3D games, I liked the old 2D side scrolling games like the Sonic, Mario and Ghost ‘n Goblins type. Far more innocent games than the bloodthirsty and murderous ones we see these days. But I don’t have much time or inclination to play many games anymore beyond Scrabble. I still recognize their importance in any ecosystem though. 🙂

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