TMZ posts leaked photos purported to be of Apple’s next-gen iPhone; smuggled out of Foxconn factory in China

“TMZ has obtained possible pictures of Apple’s brand spanking new iPhone 6,” TMZ reports.

“We’re told the phone was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China,” TMZ reports, “where the majority of iPhone models are manufactured.”

“As for the inner workings — we’re told it’s not running an authentic Apple IOS [sic],” TMZ reports, “which is SOP during the development stage for security purposes.”

TMZ has posted photos claimed to be of Apple's next-gen iPhone
TMZ has posted photos claimed to be of Apple’s next-gen iPhone

More info and more photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: According to Sonny Dickson, that’s not the real deal:


    1. Fit and finish are way off of Apple standards. Apple would never send out a brushed aluminum case with those wide stripes in the back. The front bezel edges appear rough, not smooth. The screen does not appear to be centered, top-to-bottom, as the top bezel face is slightly shorter than the bottom bezel face. The fitting of the card drawer is not nearly as invisible as it should be. The side bezel margins are far wider than any current model iPhone, there-by making this “6” much wider and longer in overall dimensions than it needs to be. The photos on the original site show the pro ported “new” iPhone 6 case is at least 2mm thicker than a current iPhone 5s. Absurd. This isn’t the either of the iPhone 6s.

  1. If I had a dime for all the times we get this crap before an iPhone launch it would pay for my new iPhone.

    We simply won’t know what the next iPhone(s) look like until Apple shows us. Period.

    I’m on a 4S so wouldn’t be unhappy if the above really is the new iPhone. But I would bet that it actually is the new iPhone. Two words: click bait.

    1. I just hope the next iOS version works better than this current crap. Every release more and more unfixed bugs and typical Apple response…… Reload it fresh. Ummmmm. Well……. That “don’t” work either boys.

  2. For those who have nothing better to do with their time but obsess over these never ending secret releases of what the next version of the phone is going to look like, I have but one question. Why?

    I would bet that all these “sneak peeks” are sponsored by Apple to build excitement and form lines. It’s going to be bigger and have new features.

    That’s it. Same as always, with perhaps the exception of the completely unnecessary increase in size. But the lines are forming so it just keeps on working.

    I am encouraged by the increased number of worshipers who are doing less worshipping lately because people keep figuring out they look silly.

    1. For the above troll who has nothing better to do with his time other than obsess over a site who’s sole purpose is to share Apple news items, I have but one question. Why? Why do you come here to darken my towels?

    2. “I would bet that all these “sneak peeks” are sponsored by Apple”

      You would lose that bet. Apple has no need to resort to tricks to generate interest in their products.


  3. LOL. I highly doubt this is an iPhone that Apple made. Look at the huge gaps in the seems. In addition, the bezel sizes look the same or larger than the current iPhones. This is probably an Android knock-off.

  4. The stock is up to $98. Just need a bit more hype to get above the 52 week high.
    I don’t quite understand in this case why the pictures are so bad. If the phone is out of Apple’s control, then they could take more time to take better images.

  5. Rubbish. They would never design a phone like that. All those separate case pieces with the silicone separator-seals? Ridiculous. That was a click baiter article and nothing more. It’s more stupid looking than those huge ugly ScamScum things.

    1. The ad content on MDN is reflective of your recent searching habits.

      Several months ago, I searched for remote controlled cars for a neighbor kid’s birthday gift. For months afterward the MDN ads were about remote controlled cars. Then two months ago my girlfriend’s cat died and I searched for pet crematoriums and cat and pet cremation urns. . . and even today, the ads in MDN are for people selling pet cremation urns, even though I long ago bought one for the cat.

      So, Terrym10, exactly where, and for what, HAVE you been searching on Google? LOL.

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