Another way to track your money on a Mac

“Where did the money go? Who’s watching the expenses? Is there an app for that?” Jeffrey Mincey writes for Bohemian Boomer. “Well, yes, dear Mac user. Beyond Quicken and the dozen or two or three Quicken-wannabe apps that take your money just so you can track your money, there’s Next [US$6.99] – one of the lower priced money tracker apps for the Mac.”

“Next tracks you money by the day so you’ll always know where it went and went it went there,” Mincey writes. “Think of it as Calendar for your cash.”

“Next tracks your expenses. That means it’s not a bill paying system. It won’t track your stocks. You won’t be able to review your various credit card and bank accounts,” Mincey writes. “What you see is a list of what you spent and when.”

Read more, and see screenshots, in the full review here.


  1. NOT, I REPEAT NOT a viable financial use tracker. If you’re only tracking cash, use your grandmother and save the money you just wasted on this software.

  2. MDN needs to post “sponsored article” somewhere. This is the second one today after the Photo+ plug. If these are truly apps that MDN cares about and uses, then let’s here a personal story about how they enhanced your life. This is something I’d expect on an Android site, not here. (Hah, had to get that one in!)

      1. Slow news day. MDN staffer at the keyboard posts the link with quote. There’s no MDN take of any kind. Staffer goes back to Farmville.

        My take: give that editor some time off to concentrate on that farm.

  3. I think I will wait until the Bank of Apple opens, then I can pay for everything using my phone, and have it all tracked and organized for me automatically. PLEASE, Tim, don’t partner with Visa/MC, just open your own bank and give us better plans!

    1. I’ve tried budgeting programs in the past and I found a spread sheet to be the best option.
      I put all my expenses into one spreadsheet and then have each expense broken down into yearly, monthly, weekly, daily columns. I then input my revenue streams and then the spreadsheet calculates my yearly, monthly, weekly and daily net profit or loss based on any changes I make.

      I found this to be very useful. ie. what effect on my yearly revenue will not buying a coffee each day have. Wow enough to pay for a yearly vacation.

      That sort of thing.

      This can be a real eye opener, especially when it comes to reoccurring monthly expenses for intangibles like cable television, cell phones, internet. Or eating out vs. buying groceries.

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