Apple could blossom into $130 a share

“Investing in Apple now requires a lot of courage. But if Apple can overcome three key hurdles, the stock will once again prove its mettle and have unlimited wind at its back,” MJ Zeng writes for TheStreet. “Target price: $130 and higher by May 2015.”

“Let’s say Apple does debut a splashy, large-screen iPhone in September (the same launch month for all previous iterations). It will be a game-changer,” Zeng writes. “Most consumers judge phones by screen size and high-tech bells and whistles such as HD cameras and faster processors. A large-screen iPhone with a fast processor would close the size gap between Apple and its Android rivals and attract huge demand.”

“Apple has the edge when it comes to harmoniously integrating its iOS software and hardware, precisely executing its designers’ vision and setting trends in smart products,” Zeng writes. “Apple has already sketched out its world-domination plan, penetrating living rooms as well as industries such as education, business, medical and health care. Its tentacles are in everything. At the core is its prodigious app ecosystem; it’s the key to unlimited upside. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what hardware business Apple is in, phones, tablets or even mythical iWatches.”

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  1. Yes, that would be nice and about on track at the rate it has been growing for the last year.

    (PS: Don’t let anyone know that $130 is the old pre split $910)

  2. Oh boy more fun, what shovel full today. Manure production is good, very good. Let’s have a sniff.

    – “Investing in Apple (AAPL) now requires a lot of courage” if you listen to analysts.

    – Obstacle 1: No new product in several years (business as usual) and market share limits are approaching. Pay no attention to the growing population rate of planet earth and please please ignore the profit share because for an analyst that’s like walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time, it just can’t be done.

    – Obstacle 2: The not so fabled iPhone 6 and the iWatch. Come on, you mean that the bullshït speculation, rumors and other shovel filling manure items spewing forth from the mouth or anus of analysts (hard to tell which end it is coming from) is an obstacle for Apple? Puhlease, that’s the kind of delusional thinking that ranks up there with Amurderca believing it’s still a civilized country.

    – Obstacle 3: Oooh strong competition for what..wait for it, market share. Pay no attention to profits. Gain the insight, the difference between analysts and stupidity is simply the spelling.

    I could go on, but my gut is sore from laughing.

    What a maroooon!

  3. AAPL is SEVERLY undervalued compared to its peers:

    Google P/E 29.7. Average EPS Growth from Q1+Q2/13 to Q1+Q2/14 = 3%.

    Microsoft P/E 16.49. Average EPS Growth from Q1+Q2/13 to Q1+Q2/14 = -14.6 %. <—yes, that is negative growth

    Apple P/E 15.42. Average EPS Growth from Q1+Q2/13 to Q1+Q2/14 = 17.5%.

    1. This blows my mind. Everyday I look at the stock price and say “I don’t get it?”. Apples P/E should be at least ahead of MS. I think it should be ahead of Google. Don’t even talk about Amazon.

      The only conclusion I can come up with as to why Apple’s P/E is so low; Wall Street is very afraid of Apple. Money is power and a P/E of 29 would give Apple Sooooo much money that they would destroy all balancing in any market where they are a member.

      Wall Street would not be able to gage the performance of the economy as a whole because swings in Apple would throw off all calculations. Remember that NASDAQ, a few years ago, had to make adjustments in their balancing numbers for Apple.

  4. Genuine question: What is the best option in the UK for starting a modest/entry level *Apple* investment? Say of £500 increments over time.

    Any specific dealers brokerages or strategies recommended?

    Much appreciated.

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