Will Apple save sapphire seduction for iPhone 6s?

“Apple does not like to give people too many choices, and this is particularly true with its flagship iPhone. Last year’s pattern-breaking iPhone 5c was not indeed the ‘failure flop’ critics painted it as, but it did create more of a ‘paradox of choice’ (to borrow Swarthmore professor Barry Schwartz’s phrase) for Apple’s customers,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “More is less. ‘At this point,’ Schwartz writes, ‘choice no longer liberates, but debilitates. It might even be said to tyrannize.'”

“Apple may toy with iWatches, and even the rumored 5.5″ phablet (the iPhone ‘Air’) may be a bit of a sideshow, but September’s new iPhone (likely to be 4.7″) needs to be the real star of the show,” Kosner writes. “Many Apple-watchers are citing production delays as the reason why it now seems that the iWatch and 5.5″ iPhone will be released in December instead of on the main stage in September, but it could all be by design.”

“What if Apple and its sapphire supplier, GT Advanced Technologies, released just enough information about increased manufacturing capacity to fix the idea in the public’s mind that the iPhone will have a sapphire screen without ever having the intention of releasing it this fall?” Kosner wonders. “Apple’s pattern, in fact, has been to make a big change to form factor in the ‘nominal’ iPhone release (i.e., the iPhone 5) and then introduce a unique feature in the ‘suffixed’ release (i.e., iPhone 5s). By this account, the sapphire screen would be the perfect follow-on for the larger screen of the iPhone 6.”

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  1. IWatch will have sapphire. Probably slightly curved lying over the slightly curved display. 6s will have sapphire. The videos of the 6 screen as being stronger than 5s but less than sapphire are correct.

  2. Is there some sort of journalistic prize for stating the fucking obvious?
    Is it likely that Apple is keeping sapphire glass production for the iPhone 6?
    Of course it is, jackass!

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