14 U.S. states in which to buy Apple products without sales tax

“How to get a tax break on amazing products,” a new web page on Apple.com states.

“Different states have different tax holiday periods,” Apple explains.

In order to “make sure you’re shopping on the right days, and learn which products are eligible,” Apple provides links for the nine U.S. states in which to purchase Apple products sans sales tax:

The nine U.S. states with brief sales tax holidays in 2013 are:

• Alabama: August 1 – 3
• Florida: August 1 – 3
• Georgia: August 1 – 2
• Louisiana: August 1 – 2
• Massachusetts: Dates pending legislation
• Missouri: August 1 – 3
• New Mexico: August 1 – 3
• South Carolina: August 1 – 3
• Tennessee: August 1 – 3

Apple notes: “When you buy from the Apple Online Store, sales tax will appear in your cart and during the checkout process. The correct no-tax amount will appear when you receive your email order confirmation.”

In addition, the 5 U.S. states without sales taxes at any time during the year are:

• Alaska
• Delaware
• Montana
• New Hampshire
• Oregon

Apple’s Tax Holiday 2014 page is here.

[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. NC used to have it, but had to eliminate the “tax holiday for school purchases” in order to give a big tax cut to the upper brackets. Now just like Kansas, NC has a big budget shortfall leading to more cuts in services – what a surprise…

    1. You are spot on in your assessment of the horrible effects of Right Wing Tea Party economics. The state of Kansas, led by Gov. Brownback, instituted draconian cuts to their tax structure in 2012. They now have a crippled economy with zero chance of recovery in the near future. The economy in Kansas is now in a deflationary mode.

        1. Actually California is growing quite well and Jerry Brown has tamed the budget beast- all without a single Republican vote.

          Meanwhile Rick Perry’s Tejas is letting paved roads go to gravel and dirt because the state lacks the funds to keep them up and the free enterprisers have not stepped up to fill the void.

            1. 1-Look at the budget numbers under Republican governance compared to now.
              2-Economic growth in California is uneven, but that is a national phenomenon. Away from the coasts with few exceptions thing are growing much more slowly and the drought is biting very hard.

              If Jerry is doing so bad, why is Republican TARP poster boy Kashkari not getting any traction? Playing homeless is not going to get it beyond Murdoch Media (Faux Newz and the WSJ).

  2. If you buy products tax-free in one state and bring it into your home state you may still be required to declare the purchase and pay tax at your home state rate. This helps keep parasite states (like NH, which has no sales tax) from sucking all the retail dollars from its neighbors.

  3. This is not going to mean much for Apple. Those listed states are mostly redneck knuckle dragger states. Android and Windows rules with those hillbilliy rubes if they even have any tech, you all.

    1. The intent is not to help Apple. Those states are demonstrating a commitment to helping students by saving the families some money–pretty much all school supplies are tax free this weekend–while eschewing some tax dollars. And yes there’s plenty of tech here in Alabama. But, based on your heartless comments, I hope you never visit. Our world is better without idiots like you.

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